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  1. I think these guys are great, and I just want to share some info about the band, mae.

    "In our music, there is a carefully constructed co-existence of hard and soft. I think that balance is part of what sets us apart musically and, hopefully, our listeners are never trapped in one musical dimension", says chief songwriter Dave Gimienez. Their accessible melodies and everyman tales of romantic and relational plight immediately resonate within anyone who has warm blood circulating in their veins. Songs "Summertime" and "Embers and Envelopes" weave their way around the heart and lodge themselves in the memory effortlessly. "We write all of our songs to be hits. We are excited to see people sorting through them to pick their favorites."

    listen to the songs
  2. Thanks, always looking for sum new music
  3. Not really my dig, but it is kind of catchy, the singer sounds funny. Pretty tight bouncy feel on the piano during the verses. Probably would be pretty fun to play on guitar cause you could kind of rock out with all thos octaves at the end and shit.

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