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Madrid buds (pics)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Key2gb, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. #1 Key2gb, Dec 23, 2008
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    hey, well i've been over in Madrid for the past semester and I have to say the bud over here is some of the best I've ever's a little idea of what's available if you look in the right places:

    White Widow: (same picture different light)


    and Critical Mass (C+)


    i met a local grower and he's been hooking it up for a while...those bags are 20 euro each (~50,000 USD :rolleyes:)and come with about 2.5-3 grams

    the widow is fruitier and a little more gentle than the one i tried in Amsterdam, (I believe I tried a strain from Barney's but I can't remember exactly) but gentle in a sense tht you still have energy while feeling nice and couch lock...more sativa than indica but I still feel the indica in it

    the C+ is definitely a little bit of a heavier high, heavier on the indica side

    the mix of the two is very pleasing :)
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  2. Dude, that's like... really great looking weed.

    +rep on the great pick-up!
  3. nice buds and pics:smoking:
  4. damn...those r pretty decent...
    actually quite nice looking..
    Madrid u say..Spain holdin it down...
    Toke it EZ.:smoking::hello:
  5. I wouldn't mind some of that, dank pickup +rep
  6. Pasa me la Mota!
  7. I just finished a Spanish History class and the professor mentioned kids smoking pot at the university since the people have a liberal attitude towrds pot & hash. Any truth to that? lol

    Dank buds btw.:smoking:
  8. awsome buds and great prices. and what luck to meet a local grower?
  9. Good to see the dank is being grown everywhere. Have fun in spain.
  10. I'm canadian, and I'm going "Awww I wanna move to Spain"

    I was wondering, how's the law enforced there? Are they pretty loose?
  11. #11 Key2gb, Dec 23, 2008
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    not extremely liberal like no one cares but definitely very liberal, you can easily get away with smoking hash joints in bars and stuff...

    every household is allowed one plant person that lives in it (i'm not sure if it applies to minors or not) and you are allowed to smoke in your home and have a little bit on you for personal use....if the cops find weed on you or in your house and they think you're dealing then you can get in trouble, but personal usage is protected I believe...I blaze in my apartment, parks, on the streets...really if you're not a complete idiot about it you won't get in trouble...just dont be obvious that you're smoking around cops because they aren't pushovers either (however they don't waste their time trying to catch kids with dime bags if you know what i mean)

    yes and what's great is that the weather in spain is amazing for growers (today it was all blue skies and sun blazing)..a lot have actually moved to spain from Holland regardless of the law differences because they get better results here...

    also, Madrid hosted an event called Expocannabis which was held in a stadium here, it was a three day weekend (the last weekend in october if i remember correctly) and basically inside this stadium weed was legal...they weren't selling it but you could bring your own and smoke it there either rolled or you could use the shit they had was a marijuana trade fair so there were a bunch of seed banks for growers to buy seeds and then like bong shops and vaporizers..i have some pictures actually, hold up:





    last one was a huge volcano bag that I actually got the chance to hit (it was like 12 ft long i think)

    so yea you could say they are pretty pot friendly here, more so than the majority of places

    edit: i actually met my dealer there at Expocannabis he was buying seeds so we started talking
  12. wow nice buds bro!
    too bad i dropped out of the spain trip our class was having..DAMNIT!!!!

    anyways +rep for you man!
  13. a mi tambien
  14. Nice pics man.
  15. not bad.
    my friend discontinued his widow plants bit i don't like sativas so i can't say i was dissapointed.
    the critical mass is a more commercial strain bread for massive yields. pretty sure it was the biggest thing for high yields a year or two ago.. maybe not.
    nice buds tho
  16. Looks like a rocking fun time man +rep for you. I enjoyed that.
  17. That looks awesome, must have felt like you were in amsterdam or something. Congrats on the great bud + hookup
  18. beatfiul, fucking beatfiul.
  19. all of these pictures are really sweet!!!

    just more and more encouraging for me as I want to study abroad next fall (09) in bilbao

    what university are you studying at/ any recommendations since i'll be looking into that stuff here pretty soon?

    thanks :smoking:
  20. Looks like some nice dank man ! +rep

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