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Madison wisconsin herb

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by force, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. #1 force, Sep 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 18, 2009
    Some things snagged over time. Mostly from madison area. Let me know what you guys think, especially local folks, love to here whats going on in madtown. Some stuff comes from dealers other from a few growers round the area.









    Next stuff is some locally grown stuff

    The stuff in these photos is Jack Herer, ICE, and the purp is DSD

    [​IMG] [/I] [​IMG] \t\t\t

    I dont remember the strain names in this next photo, pretty sure There's some more DSD and a Grapefruit X Widow cross in there

  2. #2 xyz123, Sep 18, 2009
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    i see you FROLF. me to. i actually have the same disc. but about the buds...they are dank!!
    Welcome to GC\excellent first post
  3. wow! thats alot of bud!
  4. Haha good shit man, mad town gets its fair share of dank thats for sure. I've never had troubles finding dank around town.

    I've seen most of this shit rolling through madison, interesting to find it here on GC:bongin:
  5. Oh yeah theres definitely some good herb about. I'd say it was easier to come by a few years back though. Most of the dealer bought stuff was coming up from chi over from cali...

    Prices were steep...but eh I like to smoke goods...

    Growers stuff definitely blows away just about anything I've gotten on the streets though.
  6. thats some kill weight but, bud on carpet=nasty
  7. seem to have a nicer connect then me :devious: if u know the growers.
  8. First of all, don't post pictures that show how much volume you have, if there are narcs posing on here. You just made yourself a target. Ziplock bags full of weed and a scale scream DISTRIBUTION!
    Second, I have heard Madison is a really nice, progressive, interesting town.
    Thirdly, looks dank but please refer to my first point.
  9. people do post pictures of their grows and large amounts of weed in the growing forum, idk if I would worry much. Who knows though...
  10. Growing, buying and distributing are three different things.
    You're probably the narc using confiscated stash to post and pretending you're are some kind of cool U of Wisc. student...
  11. Idiot.
  12. douchebag.
  13. niceee happy blazing dude :smoking:
  14. lol yall been smoking catnip or something? juss chill and smoke a bowl fellas...
  15. I need to get me of that shit. Damn!
  16. wow that shit looks DANK! so thats where all the chitown bud is at :mad: lol. enjoy :smoking:
  17. Eh not all that worried about it... If you notice it says "things snagged over time"...

    I'm actually not holding any large amounts at the moment. Been just chillin and smoking some primo taking some time off at the moment.

    Thanks for the concern though, take it easy man.

  18. Yea I know a few growers around town. Shitloads of west coast exotic clones have made there way into town. There's quite a few close grower circles about but most of them aren't interested in meeting anyone new for obvious reasons.

    Funnily enough I get the namebrand grower stuff cheaper then I do the commercial, well if I were to buy say a zip at a time.
  19. Nice, i also go frolfing at elver all the time. Looks like some nice dank, thats what i love about madison, dank weed is everywhere:smoking:

  20. Haha funny enough I was out at elver just yesterday smokin on some afgoo and another sativa variety. Twas an awesome day for discing.

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