Madera County Sheriff's set up Gofundme for more k9s

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  1. Help Sheriff’s Office Redeploy K9 Patrol Dogs | Sierra News Online

    LOL. So apparently the sheriff's in my old county are asking for donations to acquire more k9 dogs.

    I thought it was a joke but it's on the mountains news source.

    Citing an incident that happened recently involving a subject who ran into the forest. They had to call the county over to assist.

    Also to detect illegal narcotics in schools and the community.

    I mean, I work nights and a lot of the time I fill the truck up in Oakhurst. Almost every time I see a ton of cops at the local gas station just chillin and bullshittin.

    So since when is it my responsibility to help provide drug and tracking dogs to a local sheriff's office. So where do my tax dollars REALLY go? Obviously not fighting crime and harder drugs.

    this mountain has a huge problem with a single unmentionable. It keeps you up for days and wrecks your mouth.

    I can only hope them K9s will busy those people, but we all know it's easier to destroy a man's life for a joint than rehabilitating a tweaker.

    Thank God I live in Mariposa now, where the sheriff's are always working and actually help the local community.

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  2. Unreal.
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  3. I saw that on Great Day (with my dude, Kopi), can you believe it's damn near 37k for two fuckin dogs?
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  4. dogs are used for more than sniffing out drugs. recent studies are also showing that oftentimes the k9 unit will be responding to nonverbal/unintentional body language cues they're picking up from their handler rather than actually sniffing out drugs. cop profiles, dog reads cop's body language, dog gives cop what it thinks the cop wants.
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  5. They want more drug dogs because handling drug dogs is a hoot.
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  6. Pretty much. Git git em
    Barry Cooper explained this
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  7. It's also a lot to buy brand new Ford explorer and Chevy Tahoe police units as they've been. The spending is unreal

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  8. All of these police budgets are bloated thanks to making drugs illegal. We wonder why we have roads and bridges that need replacing with no money to do so. Why we have to ask Russia for a ride to outer space. Government needs to get their priorities straight with how they spend money.
  9. I'm okay with not going to space at all

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  10. I'm a chef, i have to buy my own tools for the job.
    Why can't cops?

    Haha jk, they're above the law.
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  11. I am too. It still don't change the fact that we have to hitch a ride with someone when some of our people to go there.
  12. I'm not. Brings good money into the economy in the long run and it's pretty important seeing as we keep sending people up there. We're spending and losing more money now relying on the Russians
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  13. Fuck you guys space is awesome

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  14. So long as humanity is stuck on one planet, we are vulnerable to extinction. One good asteroid and game over. Granted we (barely) survived previous impacts, it's a looming threat.

    As far as OP, lol!

    Here is how they fund a dog purchase, stop driving around pissing money away and wait until someone calls and needs you. Fire one officer that is probably 37k right there.
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  15. They need to be around that's how they see some crime happening

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  16. How often to they actually witness the crime?

    Statutes don't count as their is no victim therefore no crime.

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