made the popo laugh and got off scot free

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  1. Here's the story of how a simple joke can save your ass once in a while:

    So me and my two friends are chilling in a semi-secluded spot, an alley way between two office buildings. it's night time so there aren't that many people around. we were smoking a fat ass blunt and just chillin having a good time. anyway, i guess we were being a bit too loud because suddenly out of no where we hear "HEY!"

    i quickly turn around and there's the cop. I quickly throw the blunt behind me as hard as I can (not over the shoulder, more casually). i still have no idea if he saw it or not.

    "What the hell are you guys doing here?"

    "nothing bro, just waiting for our friend to come meet us!" (it was all my friend could think of I guess)

    "yeah well you better call your friend and tell him to meet you somewhere else, this is private property. don't call me bro!" i have no idea if the alley is actually private property but whatever, we aren't going to argue. we start to leave but are kind of sketched out since we have to walk right past this cop and we all stink.

    as we were walking past him he says "you guys doing any drugs tonight? smoking anything?"

    my friend goes "what?! no way, dude, we're just enjoying a night on the town!" i have no idea why the hell he said this, but whatever.

    "Don't you call me dude! You guys have any ID?"

    at this point i'm mad sketching out for two reasons. #1, i'm afraid that once we leave the alley he's gonna see a smoldering blunt laying on the ground and own us and #2 I lost my wallet about a week ago and so I had absolutely no ID on me. i try to appeal to the cops humanity.

    "Man, you gotta believe me. I lost my wallet about -"

    "Don't call me man!" at this point he looks super pissed. I don't what possessed me to make a joke at this time (actually, it was the weed), but the next words out of my mouth were

    "Lady, you gotta believe me. I lost my wallet about a week ago and I seriously have no ID on me now, you can search me if you want." (i didn't have shit on me so I didn't care)

    suddenly the cop starts laughing and says "I've never heard that one before. You guys head on home, I don't want to see you around here again tonight."

    we promptly agree and walk off. once we see that the cop is gone we run back and finish our blunt and then head to subway!

    i guess the moral of the story is that everyone needs a good laugh now and then :smoke:
  2. that could have backfired so quickley.your lucky
  3. nice. um i hate when cops get pissed for not calling them officer. very good save. well ima rip a bowl and dive under 10 blankets. PEACE
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    oh yeah, i was appalled at myself later on. haha me and all my friends were talking about how risky it was, but it just flew out. i guess i come off as a nice guy :p
  5. Thats what I was thinking...
  6. that's hilarious. You were mad sketching but you still said that!? well, it must have been good weed lol, i guess i could see that happening.
  7. thats crazy. thats good it worked out ok for ya. close call

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