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Discussion in 'General' started by Naes, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Well i had a shit load of stems left from all my bud so i decided to make some good use of it and make some tea. I boiled water used a ton of butter and about a cup of milk. Just threw the stems in with everything and its been cooking for a looong time. I figured i had tea but i guess not... so the flavor is going to be pretty bad, butter milk bud?? gross haha so what if i used the budtea to make some top romen? ;D
  2. yeah i did it anyways, made top ramen out of my weed tea :) ill let you know how it taste.
  3. A little buttery, but it still taste like damn good top ramen AAANNNDDD it gets high :) I would recommend this. The way i made it was, i got about 1.5g of stems and cut them up in to small bits, i dont think it matters if its chopped up or not. You can either put it in a tea bag or coffee filter and staple it or what ever you would like. Boil some water, put about two spoons of butter in the water, Add you medication bag or dump it in, you can filter it later, add about a cup of milk. Let cook tell the stems are brown or for 20 minutes or so. take you bud out filter it or take your bag out. then proceed to cook ramen normally just with budtea instead of water. Enjoy
    im lazy as fuck so i just typed it out quick haha but you get the idea
  4. haha yeah good idea.
  5. im seriously pretty baked right now haha
  6. Hahahahah ;)
  7. '!'

    Its an elephant ya dig

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