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made some QwIsoHash and salts in it =[

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dank., Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Every time i make qwiso hash it looks perfect, but since i try to turn my 70% isopropyl alcohol into 100% by salt method,
    grains of salt are in the hash.

    Is this hazardous to my health?

    The stuff looks green and fantastic but has SALT in it,

    I know il get the hang of it but im talking about this batch, is it garbage or smokable?
  2. Is it table salt or magnesium salt?
  3. What the hell? Salt?

    Stop that promptly. Go to CVS/Walgreens/Walmart and buy a $1.97 bottle of 91. No salt crystals...

  4. Umm.... care to explain how in the hell that would work?
  5. I've never heard of a salt method?
  6. Who cares how. Just buy the 91%
  7. Salt is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water. OP probably mixed 70% alcohol with salt to dehydrate it, leaving more alcohol. In removing the supernatant, he/she must have inadvertently sucked up a few salt crystals, which then got into his/her QWISO.
    Usually magnesium bath salts are used for dehydration, and those are pretty damn dangerous to light on fire. Table salt isn't much better, but if it's only a couple crystals it's probably a negligible health risk.
    I agree with the others though- just buy the fucking 91% and save the trouble of dehydration. That whole process is only useful if you're trying to make some reagent grade alcohol for some reason.
  8. yeah i ended up smoking it all,
    it was weird half tasted horrible half tasted like amazing 100% pure iso hash,

    it was worth smoking,
    but not worth making or trying to make the 70% iso into 100% by the Dehydration of Water method.

    Next time im buying everclear :):)
  9. Just get 91% dude. Its cheaper than everclear and 9% isn't a big difference.
  10. You're not supposed to iso wash stuff with salt if you plan to QWISO it lol. Do a plain iso wash first for your QWISO and then finish it with salt and iso and rinse that shit down the drain to clean it.

  11. I was unaware of the salts presence in my iso, i thought i had made a 100% formula of alchohol

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