Made some homemade opium...I think.

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  1. I need some advice. I cooked up some homeade opium with about 70g of poppy seeds, but the brown gunk left over is already hard and crusty, I thought it was supposed to be gooey. If I over Cooked it can it still be smoked alright? And I also got alot more than I thought, how can I be sure the solid matter is all opium?
  2. did you follow a legit guide and follow all the steps?
  3. Si, I followed the guide that was made on here. Its basic, boil the seeds for 20 mins, strain, boil the water down and scrape. I just think I burned it a little because its not gooey, its flakey.
  4. if you followed the guide then you have some opium. but hey even if its not gooey its still opium you know?
  5. very true, I needed some conformation. I had a little goo and spread it around my bowl for later :hello:. Thanks for the help man. But wow, I got alot more than expected.
  6. ha your welcome dude. But isnt that the best, when you expect little and get alot?
  7. Best way to tell if it is real...smoke it!
  8. the best way to tell if it's real is to check and see if you grew a feild of opium poppies and then harvested the resin
  9. ^ :laughing:

    hahah yes!
  10. yeah i dunno about this homemade opium. its not real opium and im skeptical that it has more than placebo effects after seeing a thread where i guy took some then took a drug test and passed.
  11. 1) The seeds of the poppy have very little effect, just like hemp seed. This is why you can buy poppy seeds. They have just enough opiates to trigger the drug test- a restaurant where my son worked had to stop making poppy seed cake because the truckers started giving positives for opiates! Any "opium" you got would be piss poor stuff!

    2) Opium is made from the sap of poppies. You cut the seed head and gather the sap. Then you boil down the sap to make opium. Do some reading.

    3) I have read of folks buying dried poppy seed heads (for dried bouquets, of course) and making a tea from them. A dude did a whole long article on it- with great detail... how wasted he got, how constipated he got, etc.(It's on the net somewhere- ain't worth the hassle for me to find it)

    4) I like opium, too much. I refuse to buy it. I would get addicted if I allowed myself to buy it. You gotta know where your limits are! Last time I had some was in the 80s.


  12. Seeds do contain lower amounts of alkaloids when compared to pods, but this doesn't mean they won't get you just as high. Of course, I've never heard of anyone making "opium" out of poppy seeds, but you can make some fairly potent tea out of unwashed seeds.

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