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made some BOMB ass sugar cookies!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Electus Unus, May 11, 2010.

  1. i apologize in advanced for the lack of pictures, if thats the only reason you came here then you should leave now. i had no batteries and was too ripped in the dollar store to remember those.

    i was talking with my sister in law about brownies and what not and how i aughta make a batch. i picked up a dub of some fire regs earlier (yeah i know "fire regs" :cool:), but we smoked a 1.5 blunt earlier today, leaving me with 4.8.

    anyways, i got a bug up my ass and decided to go to the dollar store to round up supplies; a strainer, and butter. we had the rest of the mixin's at the house, which ill show you all in a pictorial the next time i make these tasty little treats.

    i made some cannabutter with that 4.8, a little under a half o of stems, and around 6 grams of vaped herb. threw the butter in my homemade cookie mix and baked it.

    made 6 cookies which ended up being big but thin, i used a half cup of cannabutter, it was very buttery but firmed up nicely. i did this at my buddys house and four of us got down on them bad boys. i had 1 1/3 cookies(keep in mind these cookies are bigger than a large soft drink lid) T-Wrecks had 1 3/4, my buddy bryan who's house we were at had 1 2/3 and our friend "Peach" had 1. and the crumbs were distributed throughout all of us.

    we smoked a bowl or four while waiting for them to kick in, i started to feel it as i was almost done with the first cookie but it wasnt anything major, since the cookies were so big it took me a while to eat it,(this was prior to smoking the bowl). after eating the other bit on the ride back to my house and droppin T-Wrecks off, and smoking them bowls earlier, i was TWISTED. i still am, it just keeps getting stronger as im typing this. :smoking:

    overall this was my first time baking and i pretty much made my own recipe for a small batch of cookies and it got 4 people goofy high.
    hopefully this read isnt too long and boring for you guys to get through, i know youll like the pictorial, but that wont be for a few weeks probably.:(
  2. Haha dayum man, happy you got twisted :D. How did they taste?
  3. phenomenal, i mean they had the sorta, "what is that" taste but other than that they were delicious.
  4. LOL....just reminded me of Chapelle's show. I can't stop laughing!!
  5. that sounds fucking delicious.:hello:

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