Made some big changes check it out!!!

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  1. looking for comments suggestions ect.

    First time...





    600 watt HPS light, with a 350 400 600 watt ballest using a new coco soil medium instead of organic home depot shit. and added a fan to move the air inside aro und to help my ventilation system warm and cool humidifiers. and that about it need to get another fan for my light hood haveing a lil bit of a heat problem but its fixable =)

    First thread if curious
  2. Very nice upgrade! How tall is that closet grow though? You always want to get your light as close as possible to stop plants from stretching too much. Might wanna move your thermometer now before your girls get too tall as well. You don't want to stress them every time you have to check the temp, which may be often.

    Also what are you using for odor scrubbing? If you need a cheap solution that you can just shove in there I suggest this DIY Odor Control Bucket - 420 Magazine

    Everything's available from walmart and home depot. Use it in conjunction with a carbon scrubber (also possible to do DIY) and there's no way anyone will be smelling anything.
  3. i have an exhaust to the outside and once winter hits i dont think that anyone will be hanging outside.. but thats a good idea i'll look into it. i want to get the light closer but the heat is a concern. i'm hitting high 80's with the door shut i'm pushing 100. which is no good. but i def should lower my light.. about 2 feet away from the plants? that would be my guess 600 watts get fucking hot
  4. portable a/c or air cool that hood.
  5. The hood is def getting air cooled, had it on the table but it was just outa my price range so i'm going to have to wait a week.

    and i lowered my light a good foot and half
  6. you'll see a difference once you get that hood sqaured away. best of luck to ya
  7. Cool, How are you gonna Keep the temps down? Inline?!!
  8. Yup Have to do that asap. my temp and everything is perfect now but the door cant be shut until i put the inline in.. portable ac would just be to much on my bill. dose anyone know the most optimal distance away i should have the 600 watt hps

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