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Made Qwiso for the first time....success!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by tstick, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. I took the "garbage" from the bottom of my stash box (stems, kief, loose calyxes, etc.) -probaby about 2 grams worth, and I dumped it all into a glass jar and then threw just enough 99% isopropyl alcohol in there to cover the junk pile.

    I put the lid on the jar and shook it up for about 20 seconds and then immediately poured it through a metal coffee filter and onto a plain, white glass dinner plate.

    Next, I put the plate with the iso-extract on the kitchen table where the sun was direct and just waited for about an hour or so. Every now and then, I'd come in and "pan" the liquid (swirl it around on the plate to increase the surface area and help it to evaporate faster).

    After awhile, I noticed a blackish strata of what looked like fine dirt and gunk, so I ran the remaining liquid through a regular paper coffee filter and onto another white glass dinner plate.

    After the second filtering the liquid was a light amber color and very clear.

    When the alcohol finally evaporated, what was left was basically what looked like a stain on the plate.

    Next, I took a brand-new, clean single edge razor blade and began to carefully scrape the stain off the plate and onto the edge of the blade.

    As it began to accumulate on the razor blade, it appeared much darker and was incredibly sticky -literally like honey.

    All that was left was to try it.

    I STILL don't have my DWB ladle and dome yet, so I just dabbed a bit onto a couple nugs of Willie Nelson and lit the bowl with my Hakko.

    It was a very nice, clear, floral kind of taste and definitely had a kick! I almost expected it to taste like the resin that accumulates in my vaporizer's glass tube, because it looked almost exactly like that...but this Qwiso was a whole other thing! Qwiso tastes like traditional hash oil!

    I didn't really have a good container for it, so I just took another razor blade and scraped the oil off the other blade and into a small container of kief.

    When the oil glob hit the kief, the kief coated the oil and made it MUCH easier to handle.

    But, since there was only a little bit of kief in there, I decided to knead the Qwiso oil into the kief and made a glob of kief and Qwiso (Queef??)

    It smokes very well. -Kind of a cool feeling to figure out a better way to use up those last bits. :)

    Making Qwiso is pretty easy and doesn't take long at all -especially if you have a nice rainy day to yourself.

    BTW...I didn't do any second washes with the initial junk-pile. One wash, then I discarded all the leaf, stem, etc. material into the trash. I suppose I probably should have done at least a second wash, but....I didn't really expect to get any kind of good results.

    I'm kind of curious to try it with some nice buds...but I think I'd have a Helluva time discarding nice buds -even after 100 washes!
  2. I'm going to try a run of ABV Qwiso next. When I vaporize weed, I really only like the tasty, FIRST vapor (not the toasty flavor that comes later) and so, my ABV is still very green. I'm hopeful that even though it's ABV, it will have a decent amount of power left in it. Flavor-wise? I'm not so sure!

    Or, I might try doing a tincture with some of the ABV...I guess the mad scientist is coming out in me! :)
  3. Try & see if you can find food grade vegetable glycerine for you're tinctures. From my personal experience it works very very well. It is like a magic 1 minute couch locker, after a minute yer not goin anywhere fo awhile. Very intense body high. I had to check my shake jar so I can gauge if I have enuf for a qwiso run soon. Yesssss ! I do I do hehehehehehehe.
  4. you talking about making like oil pills with qwiso? how would u do that?

  5. This is called jelly hash :) some amazingly potent stuff and personally the best hash i have ever tried!
  6. aaahhh...jelly hash. I learned something new! Thanks!
  7. Update: Well, I made a batch of ABV Qwiso....haven't tried it, though. Even though I ran it through several coffee filters, it looks like dark, cherry/amber oil...but smells like ABV. For some reason or another, I thought the process would remove some of that smell. It didn't. It may have actually concentrated it! LOL! Well, I have yet to test it....I'll bet it's going to be void of most of the THC and be very heavy in sedative cannabinoids. We'll see.
  8. Update: I just smeared a small dab onto a bowl of shake. Nice surprise! The taste wasn't bad at all. It tastes much better than smoking straight ABV. And, as expected, it's VERY sedati......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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