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Made my GRANDMA Hit the vap for a Headache..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HellsHippie, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Lol she has never smoked weed and was against it.I recently made her watch some documentary's on marijuana and she became curious if it would help her stress and headaches too.....Well she hit it barley one time and felt great!...Then we made a video...I had to record her saying this!!

    [ame=]Gangsta Grandma - YouTube[/ame]

    Look how high my grandma looks haha!!!!....especially the last part.....too funny man.I love this woman
  2. get her to smoke an L
  3. nude pics plz

  4. shes on oxygen so I think anything other than a vaporizer would be a hazard to her.
  5. "Sup my nygga"

  6. that's nice man.. if everything goes well with her you can get her edibles or RSO too to help her more.
  7. yea, I would definently say try edibles if she is having trouble hitting the vape. but very nice :D
  8. ROTFLMAO!! So will she continue to smoke?
  9. hahahhaahahahahaahah. dude. so great.
  10. Wow very supple!

  11. idk ....I think she may just hit a vap when she wants some good rest or has a headache
  12. or wants to be gangstaaaaa :hello:
  13. yeah some nice potent brownies would be perfect, even safer than a vaporizer.

  14. really ...well I cant find edibles where I live...I would have to make it myself...I hear it takes alot of weed to make edibles too.I dont spend alot of money on weed...Just like 40 a week so i couldent afford that Im thinking...But if someone has a recipe that doesnt take too much weed to make..Please post
  15. That made me laugh for 5 minutes straight lol.
  16. Since its my grandma its something I dont even wanna think about!...One time she bent over and a boob fell out and it just bout ruined my childhood lol
  17. If you dont wanna waste weed make fire crackers. They are simple, potent, and do not consume much bud. .5 a cracker and youll be lifted. Ingredients are as follows: Graham crackers, organic peanut butter or Nutella, and ,of course, bud. You also need a baking sheet and tin foil. You should proceed to break the bud up finely. After which you should smear peanut butter or nutella on graham cracker. Then you shuld mix the bud in with a knife in such spread of choice. Following you shuld wrap the crackers in tin foil. Place on cooking sheet and set oven temperature to 350 Fahrenheit and let them cook for 23min. Take them out and you can wait for them to cool to eat. Or for best experience store in the freezer for 12hours and eat later.
  18. thanks for that, but why are you telling us this?

  19. I asked on page one if any1 had a recipe that didnt take much weed to let me know
  20. oh okay. that explains it. hahah.

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