Made my first strain decisions...

Discussion in 'General' started by JCrohn, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. for medical reasons.....these are the strains that i have selected as my first creations :)

    (not yet started - just a concept at the moment)

    G-13 Haze
    Blueberry x Dutch
    C99 Haze
    Jack Herer
    Afghan Kush
    Super Silver Haze
    Northern Lights
    Lethal Purple
    Swiss Bliss
    Bubble Gum

    What do you guys think of those as some good strains as i try to tackle crohn's disease as well as ADD/depression? I will be getting my med card soon :)
  2. Are you an experienced grower, if so then go for it, all of those strains sound delicous, if not I would not waste the money on buying expensive seeds like g-13 or jack herer just to mess it all up on your first grow. But if you have the money to spend by all means go ahead, I have buddy that lives here in georgia that I grow for, he had his med card back where he use to live for chrons disease also, so I sympathize with you on that one, I know how it is.
  3. i plan on starting with some cheaper strains like the Afghani Kush because it has a higher yield and i want to work my way on from there.

  4. Ahh I thought you were like planning to go down the list, lol I was like..hmmm I don't think I would waste some g-13 seeds on my first grow. However I would start with the northern lights, its a pretty good beginner strain to grow, easy to grow, very resilant, and high yields. Northern lights is also a very good strain, a good mix of sativa and indica to help with alot of the problems.
  5. hybrids are nice but im more of a kush fan...ill try to get two for the first grow so that way i can have a variety :)

    Im allowed to have up to 15 with a medical permit, which if my calculations are right will yield anywhere from 8-16 pds depending on the strain choices.

    That much will last me for a very, very, very long time.

  6. mmmm 15 plants on a first time grow yielding 8-16lbs, hell 15 plants yielding 8-16 lbs at all lol. I would expect around 16 grams to an ounce 1/2 per plant on the first grow,

    Don't get eager, and overshoot it and ruin it. Unless you order fem seeds, you have to expect a few males in the group which will also drastically reduce the yields.
  7. im doing all fem seeds
  8. my advice would be to go ahead and start with some seeds but if u can go to a club get urself a dozen clones .......veg them for a few weeks and then go into 12/12
    u can clone each one twice after a week into 12/12 and ull have plenty to start with
    remember........a GOOD grower will take at least 4+ months from seed to finished bud
    with the clones ur looking at 2.5 months
  9. You're allowed 15 plants and you're concerned about yield?

    Anyway, I went with Northern Lights for my first grow, and Bubblegum for my second -- both worked out very well, and I'd recommend either one for a new grower. (NL isn't much of a hybrid, btw -- it's almost all indica.)

    Personally, I'd hold off on the more exotic stuff until I had a couple successful grows under my belt, but plenty of people do fine with them, so if you're really excited about some new fancy Himalayan Mango-Boysenberry Haze thing, knock yourself out.

    Good luck with the Crohn's -- it's in my family (brother, uncle, grandfather), so I know it ain't much fun. :(
  10. super silver haze is excellent. get to growing my man! godspeed

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