Made my first sex movie

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XxJWxX, Aug 12, 2003.

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  1. Oh yeah, I feel like i\'ve accomplished a lot. I made a sex movie two nights ago with my girlfriend at her house with her webcam. It was only 15 minutes long but its so fucking sweet watching yourself and your partner having sex.

    It started out with me, naked. My girlfriend gave me a quick blowjob, I went down on her, she got on top, (the insertion began). We went from position to position, at leat 5 different positions. And my god when we both came it was like so beautiful (in an artistic way, lol). She was never kinky like this before, I\'ve taught her well, and damn I love her.

    And no, lol, I cannot put it up on the site or email it to you. I made a promise to her I wouldnt show anyone, anyways its on her computer not mine :(

    I so miss threesomes though, I\'d love to make a video havin a threesome but my girls not into that so maybe another day
  2. congrats.
  3. I call bullshit!

  4. BPP, looks like he wants some proof.....:D
  5. c\'mon man? just a freeze frame? :D

  6. second that

    edit: outragous claims need outragous proof :D
  7. lmao.

    I doubt his g/f would be too happy if she was being circulated around the net ;P
  8. Yeah thats not chill, maybe I made a mistake by posting this topic, no bullshit, all happened, all there for mine and hers viewing pleasure. I\'ve posted a few pics of her on this site already, but im not that fucking low to be puttin her up nude when she made me promise, although it is tempting......

    How much ya\'ll willing to pay?
  9. i don\'t know bout cash, but how bout some props....:D

  10. I think thats all good and well.. id like to get to that part someday where we can tape it :)

    but ever tape yourself, just by yourself? lmao...

  11. LMAO!!!!
  12. Last thing i want to see is my ass on a big screen. But think about it since its working for you. Wouldnt you appreciate a movie of her alone for you viewing pleasure. Imagine the gratitude you would get if you made one in turn.. :)


  13. hahahaha


    anyways... back to being sane...

    too late :D

    my girlfriend right now has a video her and her ex girlfriend made like last year (shes bi) and she says shes gonna show it too me pretty soon. damn that would probably bee the best thing ive ever seen in my life, not just movie, but ANYTHING on the planet. id be the only person to ever see it other than them too... man. i can only hope...
  15. Artists conception of XxJWxX and the lucky lady :D
  16. hey jw, if you two break up, put that beast in the visual hit section!

  17. i agree to that :D
  18. Unless Harry Potter is in these forums, she\'ll never know man.

    \" DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! \"

    peer pressure!

    peer pressure!

    peer pressure!

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