Made mistake, now dealer wants me to pay him off

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dankydylan, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys, so there's this couple of guys who help out selling weed together, so anyway I got weed for a few days and I payed off two thirds , then I paid off the last bit the next day. Now that couple of guys remember? Riteone of them, (person a) owes money to this guy, so I was sure it was going to this guy but it won't it was one of person bs associates, so I gave to the guy a owes and now b wants me to pay the two. I helped out as debt, why cNt he fix it yano? Peace guys
  2. your fault. you pay who you owe money too, you let person A worry about getting his money where it needs to be.
  3. What the fuck am i reading? Sorry man i just wasn't following you at all.
  4. I are no understanding text
  5. Idk what you said but you stole my name bro
  6. Damn thats some crazy Irish talk.
  7. Didn't read your story OP but I'm guessing someone gave you some product to push and you lost it somehow and now he wishes you to pay him/her for it. This is why you stay away from the drug game! Don't sell you are just asking for something bad to happen. Pay the man!
  8. Wait.....wut? Lay off the drugs son.
  9. You learned a lesson. NEVER pay someone because you owe someone else money and they owe the person you payed money.

    For example because the above may or may not make any sense...You owe person A $40, while Person A owes Person B $20. You pay $40 to Person A, not half to A and half to B.

    Get it?
    Got it.
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    your fault man. and by your writing you are either 11 or have smoked your brain into a pile of dogshit

    Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR
  11. Damn dude rewrite that & maybe I can help you out ;) lmao
  12. thank ____ its weed and not crack. lol

    now here comes the fun part..

    how much was it? if its less then 50 then learn from your mistake and pay whoever.

    if its more then a few hundred.. ask yourself.. are your balls big enuff to handle? cus if so, fuck paying anyone, continue life and watch your back.
    cus ppl like to b/s around and it looks like they took u for a chump.
  13. I think what he was saying he paid the money to someone that was owing the original dealer. The person he paid used the money to pay his debt to the dealer. Now op is screwed because the dealer still thinks that op owes him money. Am I wrong?
  14. idk if your wrong.

    i thought he payed an associate who his dealer owed.
    and the dealer wasnt gonna do it with that money im guessing.
  15. [​IMG]

    Hmmm,Lets see.......Tab A......Slot B:rolleyes:


    All kinda possibilities here.............hang in there.. we're all working on it;)
  16. what the fuck man, you're too stoned

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    I resent that

  18. Sorry if you just don't get it:smoke:
    maybe not stoned enough?
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    Lol I'm gonna start just reading a title and reply with no idea what's really going on :p but don't sell is good advice
  20. associate? dealer? helping out?

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