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Made firecrackers and they didn't work.......can someone please tell me why?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by akos789, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Alright, i have 100% peanut butter, using graham crackers. I spread a nice thich layer of PB and sprinkled probly 1.5g total and i baked it on 300F for 20 mins then on 350F for an extra 2 mins.

    Why didn't it work?
  2. 350 sounds too high
  3. what kind of weed did you use?
  4. some headies. there were mediocre quality
  5. I try the recipe found in a sticky - I think your temp is too low. I've tried twice, the first time I failed and the 2nd time it worked because of these instructions:
    1) Get NATURAL peanut butter! If there's oil at the top when you don't use it for a while, this is what you want.
    2) 15 seconds in the microwave, 22 minutes at 325 degrees, 15 more seconds in the microwave.
    3) I actually dripped a little bit of that peanut oil that collected on the peanut butter jar top after I spread the weed on the peanut butter - just to make sure there was enough fat to dissolve it.
    4) Make sure your weed is fine enough! Grinder is of course perfect, but I didn't have one so I tore a small nug to dust using scissors in a medicine container.

    Ate two of them one hour before boarding my flight from CA to NY, and with a fully loaded iphone (Dexter, music, games, apps, movies, shows, podcasts) it was wonderful!
  6. I've made hundreds of firecrackers and they have all worked. Try 350 degrees for 24 minutes, using all natural pb. Works excellent.
  7. to high of heat? possible? Iv never made but that temp seems like it would vap off the thc. but i wouldnt know.
  8. Ive made them using vaped bud and popped in the microwave for like 2 minutes and they worked fine :) ate three with like 1 gram of nug on each and felt nice
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    yeah i have made MANY firecrackers and they all turned out fine. my super quick recipe:

    Ingredients: Finely Busted Bud, cooking oil, pb, crackers of any sort.

    Pre heat oven to 250 degrees Fereheit to much heat can destroy the thc instead of make it delicious and edible :smoking:

    1: take any PB you can find, put in little bowl, pour little bit of cooking oil (or any oil high in fat) in bowl with pb, mix until decently blended. (too much oil makes pb runny, dont mix to much)

    2: spread PB on two crackers, take FINELY ground bud, sprinkle on PB. make sure theres no pocket of weed that isnt touching any peanut butter because its too full. its all about the amount of surface area and contact between the PB and bud.

    3: wrap in tin foil. cook 20 - 25 mins.

    4: toss them in the fridge for 10 - 20 mins to let pb harden a little.

    5: OHM NOM NOM those crackers and wait atleast an hour for them to kick in.

    made with greens : recommend eating 2 your first time, so about 1 g or 1.5 gs of weed.

    made with vape bud: recommend eating 3 atleast if not more.

  10. THC boiling point is 200 C (392 F).
  11. ok now im freaking out. i just put some in the oven about 10 mins ago and i used creamy peanut butter. but it didnt have the oil on top when i openned it and i didnt add cooking oil. is it not gunna work now?
  12. Sure it should work beacuse basically any peanut butter contains fat.

    @akos, it is probably not the firecrackers that went wrong, if you read around, there are quite a few other people who do not seem to be affected by edibles :(

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