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Made butter, put on Ice Cream.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ExCriminaL18, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. OK so I boiled together on and off and kept for hour 2 hours straight for it to process. I have never done this before, or used water with the butter and the leaves. I used 1-2 ounces of leaf, some a few days dry and some fresh picked. I'm guessing 1-2 ounces dry.

    I used 2 table spoons of butter. The only thing I have aten today is 1 chicken nugget, just a single one and drank some mountian dew. I have also never done this.

    I was originally making tea, so I also put milk in that water. Alot of the water evaporated, and i strained everything into a cup, and then squeezed the plant material twice to get every drop.

    I then said fuck the tea and put it in the freezer for the butter to separate and solidify.

    There was half a cup of milk left, I was about to dump it until I decided to taste it and realized it was milk and it has fat content and there was some THC in that and I'm not wasting it, because I have NEVER been high on edibles and have tried so hard.

    It wasn't that bad but it was bad chugging that half cup of green oily milk. Then took all the butter, looked like just as much as when I took it out of the fridge, I couldn't think of how to ingest it without putting it on a meal and ruining my high or making it take longer.

    So I looked at the butter, filled up a teaspoon, and then put cookies and cream ice cream on top of that, put it in my mouth and chewed. Noticed the butter only until the ice cream started to melt, and then the butter actually tasted like it was full of chunks of cookies!! Tasted great! Got it all down in probably 2-3 minutes.

    7:20 was when I was completed ingesting. I am praying to anything that I get super fucking baked for the first time off edibles.

    I honestly already feel relaxed and euphoric. I wonder if it's already hitting me since I barely ate yesterday and NOTHING today preparing for this. I hope it's not the placebo effect lol.

    I will be back in an hour to let you guys know, unless it actually works.

    There was also some small buds and branches mixed in with that. Does anybody think I took to much? I mean like 1-2 ounces of leaf mixed with stem and small buds.. For 1 person who weighs 150 lbs on an empty stomache. I usually smoke daily but didn't smoke much today besides a couple bong hits.

    I AM SO FUCKING HUNGRY. I want to eat so bad but i would rather get super fried tonight and not risk messing this up. lol.
  2. Oh my god I am so fucking baked and I don't even know how long it's been.. I am hearing my music echo in my headphones jesuss i feel good.
  3. Dude, your gonna be crazy high for hours and hours
  4. Hahaha trip report man, sounds like you are gonna get fucking wrecked
  5. Dude I can't even imagine how high you are if you ate all that... I might have to try something similar :)
  6. God damnit I've been smoking for years and if I did that eating the mass amount of food I eat I'd be fuckin zooted. Dude I think op might be the first person to OD on weed XD

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