Made a vid of me shaking my curvy booty

Discussion in 'General' started by u mad?, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Tell me what you think, i've been practicing for 1 year and 2 months now


  2. Curvy? I just see a sphere
  3. Wow! You are pretty mobile!
    Now for the criticism.. I recommend hibernating for 6 months and not eating a crumb until you are a weight that makes me want to vomit less
  4. This is what I saw
  5. Ewww!

    I mean.....quack!
  6. If she does that everyday she will lose some weight..she was pretty nimble for a biggun lol
  7. Y'all too good for who? Whooo?

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  8. poor floor
  9. how the hell do people let themselves go like that???
  10. Lol fail troll is fail

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    Dancing is a great form of exercise. If she modifies her diet she'll get pretty fit. 
    She only danced for a minute and a
    But yeah, she should keep it up.
  13. coming from user "u mad?" im going to go out on a limb and say troll
  14. I second that hypothesis

    By any means necessary
  15. I'm gonna butta dem rolls

  16. Wow, everyone is so judge mental. Maybe she has a medical condition that causes her to be unable to lose weight, or made her gain it. How would you like to be ridiculed just based on your looks. Omg you too skinny, you're a bean pole, eeww. Are those your ribs? What are you, a walking corpse?

    See? It can go both ways. Give the person props for doing that, and posting it. Enough with shaming people.

    Blurring the lines between what is Unreal and real.
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    She is actually pretty good but she does need to lose wieght. I did enjoy the video and she is a great dancer but she needs to lose that weight. I dont know if she'll avoid doing it to make some kind of "Fat people are awesome too" statement but it is unhealthy and she would be more attractive with less weight. That's a fact right there. I probably wouldnt date her still but only because she doesnt look too attractive in the face right now but I'm sure there are many others that overlook her simply because of her weight.
  18. urh...
    now i got HIV

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