Made a sweet ghetto bong

Discussion in 'General' started by Zidave, May 21, 2006.

  1. So seeing all these ghetto bong threads I decided to quickly throw one together. Grabbed a water bottle outta the garbage can and use my torch light on the bottle cap to melt it a little then pushed an empty pen tube into it for an airtight seal and cut a 6 point star into the bottle for a snug fight on the pen tube then used electrical tape to hold the bowl at an angle and make a smoke proof and water proof seal. Hits extremely well....didn't have a chance to get any milk shots but my buddy is comin down tomorrow and we plan on smoking alot out of it but will update's a good shot of it empty.


    Yes that's my torch lighter and new little metal pipe.

    Edit: LOL....never noticed how "stonerish" my desk looks....burn marks, visine, torch lighter, lighter, pipe sitting out(i normally have it put away) and a coke.
  2. Nice except the tin foil, but hey, I've done it too when funds were low. The carb looks way too high up heh you're probably not going to get the full effect of a carb that close to the mouthpiece, but looks pretty solid and I bet it does hit smoothly, possibly just too smoothly.

    Think your desk is bad? At least it's clean enough to see the burn marks on the surface. :p
  3. I had originally thought the carb would be too high but it's right where my finger sits when I'm holding it and it works perfect. Is the tin foil bad?
  4. Well this look like most of my homemade pieces but I dunno if that helps. The tinfoil is bad for you but I dunno how bad exactly, all and all looks like a good homemade piece. Hopefully it works ou for you and your friend.
  5. For god's sake...aluminum foil is NOT BAD FOR YOU. Close topic.
  6. heres my bong that i made, its pretty nice[​IMG]

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