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  1. i live in mass and have some experience growing autos inside under quantum boards but this is my first foray into the wild outdoors. Idk why I did it but looking at em now i obviously planted them way to close to one another. These are non femenized photos so in a best case scenario the middle one is a male, but I’m a fan of Murphy’s law. Any advice people could give on what they would do would be much appreciated

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  2. Dig them up and move them. I've moved outdoor plants larger than those. Few damaged roots won't hurt a thing
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  3. 3 to 6 feet separation. Still plenty small to dig up with single shovel full.

  4. How long have they been planted?
    (I'm thinking about carefully digging the middle one up with a flat tipped spade)
    They do look too close to each other. Mine are too close to each other;
    two five gallon pots next to each other;
    Indoors, they grew to an end height of but twelve inches.

    I understand the risk... I think I'd dig it.
  5. Before planting them out at about ^^^ 3-6ft apart
    I would paint that wall with flat white
    just to boost reflection and patch holes too
    maybe add some good shit to the soil
    even take a PH of the soil with $5.00 pool strips

  6. I think I’ll try moving out the middle one. Honestly wasn’t even thinking of digging one up because it would cause too much damage but after the responses seems like the best option. Thanks for the input!
  7. Or you could just leave them there. You will have a bush.
    My brother in law just throws a cup full of seeds into a kidde pool. The grow, pollinate and that's how makes seeds.
  8. If you leave them I’d just LST them. Pull the 2 side plants outward and the middle in or out. Pull them apart. If you tie them down you will get a more flat canopy anyway. They are very robust, especially in veg cycle. So train them, probably be ok. Or try to dig them out I have never tried that but I imagine it should be fairly easy... good luck!

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  9. That's a clever solution!
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  10. Thanks Tooslow! BTW that pic of that auto you grew is really impressive! I’ve seen it a few times and every time I’m like. Damnnnnnnn!!!!

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