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made a one hitter...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AdamArmy, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. from a broken downstem. somehow the little fucker got me ripped. who else has used a downstem as a one hitter?
  2. I have no idea how you're able to hit a downstem.

  3. bowl broke off so its just a glass tube

    Nah I have a real one-hitter, looks like a cigarette, super cute.
  5. grommet bongs have a slide attached to a 1 hitter size stem. i think that's what he means, the bowl broke off so hes got a 1 hitter essentially. :smoking:
  6. damn this is a great high. it took like 10 bong hits and i am high if not higher off 5 hits of this. wtf
  7. You must be doing something wrong then...
  8. sounds like an accidentally made chillum..
  9. Nah, one hitters are efficient as fuck.
  10. you do realize a one hitter is like 3 bucks right?
  11. Its a crack pipe! :D
  12. Hah I love my one hitter looks just like a cig
  13. never made one cuz they are cheap as hell lol. bought a cig lookin one for around 4 dollars, gets me high as fuck off of 2 of them its awesome

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