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    Today I was bored and have been pretty low on bud cuz of $ so I was thinking of ways to conserve.

    Today I made a light bulb vape. I know its not the prettiest thing (the one I made is actually super cool and has a mouthpiece that is universal and reusable).

    Anyway, washed it 5 times with hot water and soap. Ran it thru cold water for a min. And then 99% isopropyl alcohol. Dried it out and the alcohol evaporated in less than 5 min.

    Anyway I only had a .25g nug so I thru it in the grinder. Just to test it out I put a tiny pinch of grinded bud in it (maybe like .07 or less) and got 2 huge rips out of it and now I'm fucked up.

    Haven't been this high in a while. I think I'll keep using it.
  2. Im still tryin to get the technique down man, every time I put bud in I never get as high as a bong. :confused:

  3. I actually got 3 hits out of it. The first one I did wrong and didn't hit hard. My reason was because my mouthpiece (a pen) wasn't far enough in to the bulb so that air I was sucking in was coming in from the carb hole; thus, no THC. It escaped.

    Now I've got it down PERFECT.
  4. Now save up for a quality vape, and you'll fall in love.

    The one lightbulb vape i made was okay, but it was a hassle to use so i trashed the thing, didnt vape again for like a year. Now i pretty much always vape

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