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Made a homemade bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jamezbong, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. So i made a bong with a bottle and for the bowl I used a socket, but since i dont have a metal screen i usually put a piece of aluminum foil with lots of holes in it. When i take a hit, I hold the lighter for no more than 1 second to light the weed. Do you think that smoking out of this aluminum screen would be harmful for my lungs?

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    Aluminum foil is used to heat food in even at high temperatures, it won't hurt you with vapors or anything.
    I'd avoid the ones coated with a non-stick side though just to be 100% sure.
  3.  thank you, but what do you mean by non-stick side?
  4. Have you ever cooked with aluminum foil? It sticks to food most of the time so some have chemicals so food doesn't stick to it, avoid that and you're good.

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  5. well one side of the foil is shiny while the other is matty , not as shiny. Is this the non -stick chemical ?
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    It'll say on the box if it's non-stick.
    The manufacturing process is what causes the two sides to look different, it doesn't mean it has a non-stick coating.
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    Go to your sink, the little nub where the water comes out of the spigot...grip it tight and unscrew it....then push from the bottom and it will pop out. Inside you will find three screens. put two of them back in, replace the piece flat side facing out and screw it back on. And that is why most public rest rooms will spray water like crazy....and when they do, you know a stoner has been there. That my fiend is where pipe screens come from!
  8. Here's a video to show you how. Just skip to the parts you need.

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