Made a Girl Cry : Apology Accepted

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  1. I'm assuming most of you saw my "Fake Drunks" thread, considering the large amount of people that called me an asshole, dickhead, shithead, etc... Anyway, I found it necessary after some thinking that I should apologize to the girl.

    FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T SEE THREAD: I saw girl put statss on facebook claiming she was very drunk and happy, everything spelled correctly, I assumed she was faking, told my friends, we ripped on her

    Anyway, my friends didn't budge when I tried to convince them into apologizing to the girl with me. I really did feel bad when I saw tears falling from her eyes. I guess you never know how someone is feeling until they truly show it. (if that makes sense) But when I got on the bus, I walked up to the girl. The first thing I said was that I was sorry for how immature I was and that it was childish for anyone our age to be acting that way. She didn't take it too hard, she accepted my apology and we're kind of friends now. I told her not to expect any apologies from my friends, but who knows? Maybe they'll feel sorry like I did. I really did feel like an asshole after you guys called me one....... 30 times.
  2. Good for you if you really actually did it. That was pretty fucked up lol.

  3. I did. After I actually sat down and thought about it, I realized how fucked up it was. I tried to explain that to my friends but they didn't realize :confused:
  4. Good for you bud. Glad you came to your senses. Honestly, reading that original thread kind of pissed me off. So kudos to you my brother, smoke on!! :hello:

  5. yeah.. I posted it when I got home from school. When I got home from baseball I saw 3 pages.. and the first post had 20 likes and it was completely calling me an asshole.. I was just like "FUCK"... I pissed many blades off for sure... time to get high though lol peaceeeee
  6. Introspection.

    Good job dude, made me proud :)
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    Right on dude. I'm glad you apologized. Maybe she will turn out to be a friend, who knows...

    And we still have to clear up a few things... is she hot?

    And by the way, since i ripped into ya pretty hard on the original post, i edited it. Not to take anything away, just added that you maybe arent an asshole.
  8. I fuckn hate ppl who post EVERYTHING in Facebook/twitter. "@McDonalds eating a burger" "waiting for bus. It's late" "OMG dropped my phone" ITS SO ANNOYING
  9. Im all for beating girls who get out of line but this is some dumb shit.

  10. Thanks man. That's basically what I posted last night after I thought.
  11. Is anyone else thinking wtf? I mean why would you even make fun of a chick for posting she was drunk on facebook? Who the fuck posts when they are drunk on facebook? Do you and your friends really have nothing better to do then cyber bully some chick who said she was drunk? I mean seriously wtf? Then you post about it on grasscity? This story is totally uneventful bro. And if i was you i wouldn't have cared if she was really drunk or not. And if i did cyber bully her and she started crying about it i would laugh at her. What kind of grown woman cries because someone said they weren't drunk? Strong middle school presence in this thread.

  12. I never said anything about cyberbullying. Read please :rolleyes:

  13. Do you know what cyber bullying is? Making fun of a girl on facebook because she said she was drunk=cyber bullying. And even if it didn't happen on facebook it = real life bullying. Either way its fucking stupid.

  14. Thanks for that explanataion, but I never said I made fun of her on facebook. Yes, stupid enough for you to comment.

  15. Wow. I never saw the original thread. And you never specified in this one. You realize you are just as dumb for making fun of her in real life right?
  16. Good job your next mission is to get in her pants if she hot.

  17. Dude I already explained that I apologized to her about it. That's why this thread is here. Get out of here if you're only going to stay to argue

  18. fugly bro

  19. Lol we already tore into him in the first thread he made. Atleast he said sorry and redeemed himself a bit
  20. You know, I feel like giving out a typical h3tty ivory tower response, typical to my recently developed gc persona as a headier than thou tour vet, BUT, you have shown some genuine humility, which is quite rare on the internets.

    In fact........ plus rep

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