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Made a cop apologize to me after pulling me over *edited with paragraphs*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pimpinatatl1, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Okay so I was with my friend. We were in a secluded neighborhood in which the houses were very far apart and had long driveways. So we went to a culdesac that was deep inside the neighborhood. You can easily get lost in this neighborhood so I wasn't worried about cops coming around for no reason. This is my usual smoke spot so I always toke here. So I park and I start packing a bowl. I finish packing my bowl so we step outside my car to start smoking. So were taking hits and I finish mine and I look down the road and I see a cop coming down the the hill with the lights on while I had the bowl to my mouth.

    I quickly turn around and tell my friend to get into the car so he climbs into the backseat and I get into the driver's seat. I throw my weed and my bowl into the backseat and tell him to put it in my gym bag and close it. He does that while the cop is pulling up. I tell him not to talk and let me do the talking. So the officer comes up to me and goes what were yall doing I reply we were just talking. He then looks at me and is like are there any drugs in the car. I look him straight in the eyes and I'm like no. He then goes truthfully are there any drugs in the car I keep my poker face on and I'm like no. He then says let me see your licenses and I hand him mine. He then goes to my friend and asks for his license he gives it to him but then says he's my boyfriend. At this point in my head I'm like fuck we going to jail.

    So he takes our licenses and goes back to his car during this time I tell my friend to stfu and not talk to the cop. He's like he's sorry and I'm like what ever. So he comes back up to me and the officer is like where do you live. I'm like down the street. Hoping he wouldn't ask me to explain myself. But he does. He asks me if I live in the neighborhood. I'm like no I live in a neighborhood down the road and he's like oh. Then he goes so what were yall doing here and I reply talking. He's like honestly what were you doing. At this point I'm like this guy knows so I was like might as well try and go along with the gay guy thing. So I just give up and I say we were kissing and the way his face changed is indescribable. He was like “oh I didn't mean it like that”. I just say ya as a reply. He's like I'm not against that or anything.

    He then asks me what I'm doing in this neighborhood. I'm Indian so I was like I don't want my parents seeing me doing this he's like oh I'm not saying what your doing is wrong or anything and starts to apologize and tells me how it's not wrong and how he's pro gay marriage. He then gets on his radio and is like cancel the second patrol. At this point in my head I'm like holy fuck I'm not getting arrested. He then goes and grabs our licenses from his car and gives them back to us. He apologizes for pulling us over and wasting our time. For the next two minutes he apologizes for pulling me over and how he's not against gay marriage. He then lets us go and I'm like holy fuck we got away. I then accidently missed a stop sign cause I was so scared :p. The cop didn't care tho.
  2. Holy shit you can't spell or organize your story, but good story and way to be on top of your game with the odd lies.
  3. Hahahahaha , funny shit bro
  4. Wall-o-text

    did read ;)
  5. You. Are. sofuckinglucky. Seriously man, cool story
  6. Space it out and I'll read it :(
  7. Intoresting!
  8. good story man, learn to type though lol
  9. That sounds pretty funny,

    But seriously, fix your wall of texts next time.
  10. the best storyy i have ever heard regarding a cop pulling someone over. +rep
  11. so did you fuck your friend or what?
  12. wait so are you a girl or did the cop think he walked in on some gay sex?

    because the latter would be fucking hilarious
  13. Im like hwat teh fuck am i raeding and he is liek we wur just takling man.


    good story though
  14. op is male
  15. Haha ill try and fix it.
  16. fuck the police but excellent thinking on the top of ur toes
  17. This is one of those "smoke until it makes sense" stories.
  18. Im impressed , plus rep
  19. oh my lord, i always tell my friends as a joke that if we get caught by the cops where we would obviously not be somewhere parked unless we were smoking and had weed in the car that we should just say we're all gay together so he'll get all awkward and leave.

    I never thought someone would actually do it, or that it would actually work. Good shit OP good shit.
  20. It was the latter... I guess people are pretty slow 'round here. Or just not high enough. :smoke:

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