Made a clay fish

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    So I was inspired by another users post somewhere and got the hidea to go make a bowl out of some of the oven bake clay I had gotten for christmas. I made it in three pieces, the last of which I went a little wild with. That last piece was actually the most stable part of the piece and I think it was pretty darn clever :p let me know what you think!
    So here is the piece with just the skeleton
    and now on to the fun part!
    I made it look like a little fish! hopefully its travels though the oven is a safe one.
    Isn't it cuuute XD
    In oven as I type.... updates to come -.-
    hopefully I have a fully functioning "fish bowl" in a bit here

  2. 8) niiiice
  3. Umm I use that clay a lot and I'm just going to say that it's polymer clay, which means it's plastic based. So it's very bad to be inhaling that.
  4. thats pretty cool! I had a few friends in school who did ceramics and the teacher was pretty chillin we'd smoke a doob, come in reeking of weed and then start making various ceramic pipes, ashtrays, incense holders and shit. and this was back in the day when we'd all look blatantly high as shit haha. 

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