Made a bummy looking hookah. Works like a charm.

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  1. Me, my best friend, and my cousin took a trip to ACE Hardware yesterday and made ourselves a prototype two-person hookah. (I say "prototype" because I had drawn out a pretty good schematic and we completely deviated from it, resulting in the now "bummy" hookah.) We made it out of a large Skyy Vodka bottle, some vinyl tubing, a copper pipe, a plastic screw thing, and some duct tape, so it looks like a hobo made it. But it works beautifully. I use my chillum as the bowl. My cousin can't smoke due to drug tests (for reasons I will not disclose) so me and my buddy were using it. It was fucking crazy, it was like team smoking. Me and him would rip it, then I'd be like, "Wait for it..." and we'd be all excited, then we'd both exhale at the same time and high five. Funniest thing ever.

    But we have to modify it and make the final design. The duct tape has got to go. My original plan was to build a detachable apparatus out of the bottle cap, so I could change the water, but I couldn't figure out how to do that because the pipes were kind of too big. So we just sealed it up with a bunch of duct tape lol. I'll post pictures when I get my USB cord for my phone.

    Whoever said stoners weren't ingenuitive?
  2. pic or it didnt happen ;)
  3. Cool story bro, this is GC, pics are required.
  4. I just said, I'll post pictures when I get my USB cable for my phone. It should be coming in the mail pretty soon.
  5. we just yankin yo chain.
  6. I just made the removable apparatus. Now it's better. Funny how I don't think of how to do that until I'm stoned. When I was making it sober I could not figure it out at all.
  7. lmfao, as soon as i read the post i was gonna say that, then i scrolled down just out of habit and i saw you already said it zxDDDD

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