made a bong out of a bunny... with pics!

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  1. whats up blades. well last night me and my friends put this together. I picked up this fairly large hollow chocolate bunny and got a brass bowl and brass downstem. This thing ripped HARD

  2. Rofl that's awesome man, so it actually got you guys blazed? Wow!
  3. LOL. Sweet man.

    I was secretly hoping you used a real bunny.
  4. that is pretty rad, but ill admit, i wouldn't smoke out of chocolate.

    pretty darn funny and creative though.
  5. Milk shots!!
  6. thats badass! Too bad it won't last very long lol :(
  7. oh yeah you could take a hit then take a bite,
  8. We left it in the freezer so hopefully it'll last a little while longer! I'll get some action shots next time we use it, and thanks for the rep blades
  9. Haha ! auburn? check out the cup in the left side of the pics

  10. Ha cool man you live in Auburn, I'm next door in Skaneateles :p
  11. milk chocolate :smoking:
  12. lol +rep to the op (damn, i need to spread that shit around...)

    and to you :)
  13. Dude your like the ultimate macgyver smoker.
  14. Pffthahah thats badass. I've always wanted to make a bong out of one of those honey bears, but this beats it.
  15. Haha! That is incredible! I am amazed.
  16. keep in mind chocolate + tch = a sexier high

    i bet it hit nice n sweet, nice job!
  17. what happend to the other eye?

  18. it looks like hes usin it as a carb hole
  19. haha definetly badass, i think the eye is the carb, you dont think the hot smoke will melt the hell outta it?
  20. Awesome idea man! Super funny hahaha

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