made $280 off something i didnt even want

Discussion in 'General' started by THCemployEE, May 10, 2010.

  1. just made $280 off my old paintball gun god i love craigslist time to go grab an O and get some new pipes or bong :smoke:
  2. dont comment if you dont care obviously...
  3. why did you bother posting?

    OP, what type of marker did you sell?
  4. 08 black and white eclipse Eteck2 ego with halo B hopper
  5. cool

    i rock an old school tippmann
  6. i used to rock a tippmann 98 custom when i first started lol picked up dirtbiking instead though
  7. 98 custom? all my friends used to use those. i was alyways a sypder fan
  8. try a pro-carbine. i wouldn't sell it for less than $350.
  9. ahh nice bro, u definately got a good deal on that shit. i got my etek ego for like 100$ and sold it for im stuck with full gear and a special edition pmr 09 haha tryin to get that shit sold is a bitch..maybe i'll try craigslist

    but yea markers go for a lot nowadays

  10. i have the same gun lol

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