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    So heres my indoor grow, its mostly just a place holder to keep my genetics going until im in a bigger space but fun nonetheless. I use a Living Soil (Coots recipe) as my medium, i veg under about 400 watts of LED coming from Mars Hydro and i flower under a 1000 watt bulb but i just have it running at 75% for now.

    Im not huge into nutes and synthetics but i use:
    Age old grow
    Age old bloom
    CalMg+(just in case, hardly use it)

    Besides that i use a bunch of:
    aloe vera, coconut water, barley seed, neem cake, molasses, neptunes harvest fish emulsion, alasla MorBloom, and an assortment of top dressings including alfalfa and kelp meals, oyster shell flour, crustacean meal and all the goodies. Also i use BioAgs FulPower and buddhas tree solar green power (silicic acid)

    Laughing Buddha
    Strawberry CousCake
    Ogkb Girl Scout Cookies
    Lemon Cookies
    Also i have two gage green testers the genetics are (grateful breath x purple elephant x grapestomper aloha white widow)

    Also i have gorilla glue #4 and Lemon OG (warriors cut) im just not running them now.

    The plants:

    Laughing buddha is in the back, Strawberry CousCake is the one praying hard in the front. These are the only two i currently have in flower.


    Heres a full view of my veg tent.
    In the back there is Strawberry CousCake ( back left) and one of the testers(back right)
    In the front there are three ogkb plants, a lemon cookie, two laughing buddhas, the other tester plant and then a seedling from a Strawberry CousCake that i had crossed with a male that was another pheno from the line.


    Just some roots, forgot to take a picture of the whole tray.

    So there it is! Ill keep this one updated, criticize and ask questions and enjoy the fun!

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  2. Heres some pictures of my last run with the OGKB Girl Scout Cookies and the Strawberry CousCake (i should mention its named after my cat CousCous)




    Strawberry CousCake:




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  3. Well for an update i hit a little phosphorus deficiency and some heat/light stress on the CousCake in flower. It looks like it recovered though. Its a vigorous plant you can pretty much beat the hell out of it and itll pull through. Besides that my veg room is going good, one of the testers turned out to be a male and the other is a female. Ill definitely be holding onto this male though for the future. Ill get some pics up tomorrow

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