Madden 11?

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  1. Post here if you like madden and what you like about it if you own it.
  2. The new play calling feature. Love this game, just got done playing it. I'm just waiting for the year when they animate the fans like other sports game did back in the day.

    Just got done playing I just found out you can play as a team online :eek:

    Also quick question, is the online franchise where you like pick a team, then you play other people online or what? Unsure about what that is. Basically is it just like franchise mode, but online?
  3. On line franchise is where you and all your friends can be in a franchise together. You can have a fantasy draft and mix the teams all up. 1 peson is the leader and advances it to the next week at certain times.

    Online team play is like 3vs3 online. Its actually pretty fun. Each person is in control of certain players and you must work as a team to win. Its a lot of fun as long as you get on a team with people who have a mic.
  4. Ah alright thanks for clarifying that up.

    Yeah I've been obsessed with team online playing. It's sometimes laggy though, well most the time. But regular 1v1 games run at good speed.

    Love this game:cool:
  5. I'm really liking the game, and I haven't even played online yet. I usually break it out when I have a bunch of friends over. I might go play some tonight.
  6. Love madden, but same shit different year :laughing:
  7. The playcalling system?:cool:

    But besides that I agree. But I always get hooked into Maddens. Been buying Madden every year since I got Madden 03 for PS2
  8. you know I keep hearing that from everyone that its the same every year but this year it feels diffrent. It just feels more realistic and im very satisfied with it this year. Also, I really enjoy the ncaa this year.
  9. this is the first madden i've bought so i'm happy
  10. we should get on a game tonight sometime overgrowray... my name is bluedevil706 look me up
  11. same here:wave:

    Lunchbox486 is my GT

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