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    I'm from New York and over here people say mad before words. for example:
    your mad gay
    that's mad sick
    that's mad lame
    we also say guy like hey guy or you fucking guy.

    Does anybody else in another state say the same or is it different in certain areas.
    Is there something you blades say that no one else you know does

    Please enlighten you fellow blades by sharing your unique Lingo in this thread.
  2. Jersey Shore?
  3. what do you mean by that?
    my friend from ireland says class in stead of cool
    so he'll say "this is so class"
  4. i actually got me whole town to start saying mad because of my friend on xbox live that was from new york
  5. Okland area and Nor Cal says hella.

    "that's some hella dank weed"
  6. I meant that yes people do say it and its becoming popular since the "jersey shore" came out.

    thats cool ive never heard of class before
  7. people from the jersey shore say mad??
  8. yup. I've heard since around late '08 since so of my friends are from the big apple.
  9. I've heard it randomly, but not like all the time.

    I live close to Pittsburgh so we say all sorts of stuff wrong.

    jano wah I mean?

    cool site > PITTSBURGHESE .com
  10. thats fat bro
  11. keep this goin' fools.
  12. In New England, it's "wicked"

    "Dude, it's wicked cold out"

    "This weed is wicked good"
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    hahahaa i know i hear about u crazy new englanders and your wicked street talk
    brother to the north
  14. Mad is ingrained in my speech and I love it. I was drinking with dudes from england once and EVERY time I used mad in a sentence they stopped dead and asked what the fuck I was doing...good times. :)
  15. dude du dude dude! MAD!! parties arnt mad... their ANGRY! ahahahahahhah

    Where im from we just say Fuckin' to enhance somthing,

  16. does it sound more like fuggin' or fuckin'
  17. Id rather live where people say mad over hella anyday
  18. I was saying mad like...literally 5 years ago. I try not to say it anymore, I don't like that word. "Hella" is starting to really be in my vocabulary a lot more than it should...
  19. it changes every fuckin year here in brisbane, we dont give a fuck, someone's coming up with new silly adjectives every day cuz we've got nothing else to do
  20. Reppin' NY and my mad vocab. :wave:

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