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Mad Weed Story

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Benlewismate, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. So my story is quite a mad one to be honest, it started where I was 13 going to the park with my mates playing football and they were smoking weed, I didn't really know what weed was really at the start but I didn't touch it until the day I found it on platform ponciau steps and then I said to my mate James Bennett that I'll smoke weed for the first time because I found it and I felt lucky so I smoked it and I really liked it I got the munchies and I just liked the feeling of being stoned so after that I used to chip in to get a bag with my mates and then it went to many chip ins to get a bag and I got addicted... anyway after about a month I moved schools away from all those lot because it was a bad school and I quit smoking weed for about 2 months and then I started again because I found a joint by my house with Kian Wright so I smoked it and I had that feeling again it was the best feeling ever and then I started to get more bags with him and then it kept getting bigger, more mates started smoking it and all my mates started smoking weed and I met these mates everyday to get a bag with them because some how weed brung me mates ( a lot of mates ) and then my mum and dad found out I smoked weed and I got grounded for a week but as soon as that week was over I started smoking it again and then loads more and then I got caught again stoned and I got grounded again for a few days but that didn't stop me from smoking it. Anyway they thought I stopped for a while but I never I was still smoking it everyday and then I came in one day at night and my mum came into my room and started talking to me normal and then she went in my bag and found joint skins and my grinder but she weren't really mad I was grounded for a day and then again I still was smoking weed so after about 2 weeks of smoking weed I was walking home and stashed a joint in my bacci pouch and then it was lying right next to me in bed and I was wripping this lucozade bottle wrapper off and it made a noise so she came in and said what was that noise and I said I was wripping this wrapper and she had a look and saw my bacci pouch and grabbed it and slapped me and walked out and then I went in there ASAP saying she needs to give it me back because it's not mine it's my mates and then she was saying she will take it to his house then ( it weren't my mates it was all mine ) but I said no I will take it him and then she telling me to fuck off n tha, I had a vape on me as well so she came in and said give me your vape now or you'll never be seeing tha pouch again so I gave it her and she walked out.. Now I'm lying in bed hoping she gives it me back tomorrow.. I'm thinking of quiting because it's my last year in school now and I need to concentrate on my grades. DONT EVER START SMOKING WEED!!
  2. You're a minor that isn't allowed on grasscity.

    Weed is going to mess with your immature mind. I suggest you learn to love some hard labor, and try to apply yourself to studies, because your English is atrocious and you need to become driven to become a rounded individual.

    You're hurting your poor parents. I really wish you'd show this to them and apologize, because If I were in their shoes, I would be upset and not know what to do with you.

    You're a suburbian Australian, not some want to be gangster hard ass. Keep going the way you're going and you'll be in jail, rehab, or living in your 94 Honda Civic.
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  3. Stop this foolishness before your parents get the belt.
  4. wripping??? :lmafoe: Its ripping*.
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  5. I appreciate your effort on sharing your story. But I also feel sorry for you and your parents. You are young and I know that curiosity makes you want to taste it. However, you are now abusing it and it will better for you to stop it. Think of your parents, you are hurting them and making them worry about your future. I highly advise you to STOP it now. Today!
  6. You're blaming the weed for your mistakes
  7. Much stupid... Many lame...
  8. Grammar is your friend.
  9. You sound as if having weed around is what works for your social life and brings friends to you. You might ask yourself if these friends are the people you want around after you become an adult and want to strike out and do something for yourself.
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