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Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone. I was poking around my harddrive and I found a couple of rhymes from last summer. My friends and I used to freestyle about weed almost every night when we smoked. I saved a couple, and I think I have a few more lyin around somewhere. Here they are:

    it aint no doubt every mornin i be blazin
    i get the dank bud i'm cravin
    tokin up, that shit's amazin
    a fat blunt's my haven
    but you can't forget about the old bong
    big hit, small hit, you can't go wrong
    it's rushin to my head and flowin through my veins
    the THC is entertainment for my brains
    bitch back off, don't pinch off my sack
    i'll break your fuckin face, make your eyes black
    cause everyone knows everyday i be blazin
    but my mind's okay, ain't nothin phazin

    joint's out, need to reignite
    i need a light
    yo, this ganj is tight
    don't tell me to stop
    smokin' herbs is my right
    the government's the one thats wrong
    this shits been goin on too long
    lets break out the bong
    smoke the KB's from DC to Hong Kong
    won't stop till my bowl's K'd
    smoke in front of a cop, i aint afraid
    these laws make me feel betrayed
    i pay my taxes and obey the laws
    this country is a mess, and weed is not the cause
    just leave me alone to smoke my J
    so i won't go to jail, and i won't have to pay

    If you have any, share your mary jane rhymes/raps/freestyles/whatever
  2. yo people like to rob me its kinda like they hobbie
    nothin to lose these 20 benadryl got me delusional n groggy
    everything ripped away my eyes is feelin kinda soggy
    the 10 vikes to relieve the pain got my vision kinda foggy
    oxycontin xanax bars percocets and loretabs
    think i'm sellin fake shit come at me n u gonna get stabbed
    tired of feelin bad cuz i dont got her here right next to me
    drink a shot or 2 of everclear and drop that ecstasy

    there ya go, haha, wrote that when i was on a buncha pills

    kinda sux but ya.

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