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Mad props to my dealer.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TofuFungus, May 20, 2010.

  1. #1 TofuFungus, May 20, 2010
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    So in my time of need. My dealer was short what I was ordering, (i was grabbing an O of Corn :( but still he usually has some good stuff for 120/O)But back to the story So I get in touch with him around noon. Hes going to grab it at 2 *im fine with this cause i have left over stash* Then he calls at 3 it wasn't pretty, gonna check another, Calls back at 6 Not good, there's a lot of bullshit around he says, then finally 8 he calls back I found the best I could. Ill credit ya 10 toward your next bag and toss it for 100 So I'm happy already I'm spending less money in my time of need, but I realize why hes crediting me, He hands me the bag and apologizes. and says "this is the best I could get" And hands me back a 20.

    Anyways Main point, I love that my dealer is happy to keep a customer that he spent his whole day in search of herb for me. Even though the bag is pretty bad :( will post pics in a bit.

    Edit: pics coming GC isnt uploading them for some reason right now
  2. Man that sucks but at least he spent his day tryin to find what he could for you. Mad props to your dealer lol. are you using photobucket for your images or directly from your computer
  3. Hes smart to keep a customer for the long run, glad it worked out for you, cant wait for pics; i wish i could get an O for 120 or 100 :eek:
  4. #4 TofuFungus, May 20, 2010
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    it hangs on the upload alot longer than it ever has, And its from my pc.

    But Remember I did say it was some schwag :( but overall its not dry and not moist its got some decent kief dropping but nothing to brag about

    Itll atleast get me by a little till i can wait for something new to roll around.
  5. might wanna try and copy the img code and paste it in. should work without any problems
  6. I think it'd be easier if you uploaded it to host, like flickr, and then post the pics.
  7. I hate dealing through dealers like that. I got one main connect, always has med grade bud, for cheap.
  8. i just got an nice 8th (looks a little more) thats a combination of ak47, mango kush, and a berry one. ALONG WITH!
    a huge ass rice krispy edible!

    total price was 40 bucks

    this stuff smells delicious :smoke:
  9. You got a lot better connect than i do I can get some nice eights of dank from him for 40 but thats when he has it, he mainly carries mids/schwag

    But here finally I got it up on tinypic I didnt want it on my skydrive since its nothing special.

  10. Dude. That thing looks hilarious
  11. so far rolled a blunt of it 2.5 grams and it burns good. in blunt atleast, yet to bong it.
  12. i wish i had that though :p jk shes really good cause shes a mom just making some extra money growing lol very business like
  13. :confused: BigCrimp this aint ya thread lol.

    To the OP-yo is that all compacted to one nug? Lol im glad u got your bud that night. smoke some more blunts
  14. yea its sadly Brick weed lol.

    But so far not too bad of a herb just wish it looked prettier.
  15. so you paid 100 for an o of some schwag??
  16. thats basically normal prices here.

    Wish i could get some dank for some awesome deals. But I havent come across a dealer that does that yet..

    But I guess you look down on it because u get better prices in delaware.

    Well im in Michigan.
  17. delaware isnt cheap, but you should be able to get mids in ounces... for like 100-120

  18. dude my ounces of mids is 70 so 120 a o for some reg and im in north carolina the bad thing is i can get a qp for 220 of this but i never save up lol i love to smoke to much and never save up tell ur dealer to fuck off and give it to u for 60 cuz hes it getting it for under 40 trust me :cool:
  19. if i could +rep for ur dealer i would
    most dealers around me are fags that r only grabbing money as quick as they can and aren't worried about building up long term customers

  20. Where at in MI?
    I get zips of mids for $50
    If I buy by the pound I can get a zip for like $26

    Dank is $45 an eighter, 90 a Q, 180 a half, etc, etc.
    And its usually some dank bud too.

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