Mad Men Season 5

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  1. Who's watching? Best show on TV in my opinion...
  2. We can't be the only ones watching this show... :confused:

    So how great is Draper's wife? :p
  3. That last episode with the dream sequence was crazy. Seemed really out of place for the show.
  4. I've only watched the opener of this season so far, and besides Jessica Pare' I have to say, I'm not impressed thus far. BUT it's one episode...
  5. Me!

    Fucking love that shit.
  6. I agree, but that shit where he was choking out that chick (which didn't really happen), was quite interesting. I am wondering where this season is headed.
  7. not directly related to season 5, but i just watched the very first episode of this series, and i was disappointed... i've heard that it's great, if you like breaking bad, you'll like this, etc, but i wasn't impressed. does it get better? should i keep watching?
  8. Its basically a soap opera but a very well done soap opera. Dont let people fool you into thinking its in the top tier with Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. Its just another period piece with a massive budget and very little substance.

    I lost interest halfway through season 3. If you dont find yourself getting attached to any of the characters after a couple of episodes just drop it.
  9. To the guy who is wondering whether he should keep watching, I would. I don't know what bwood is talking about, but there is an incredible amount of substance in terms of character development and dialogue. My Shakespeare professor is considering teaching a course on the series and frequently compares characters from shakespeare's plays to Mad Men characters.

    All in all, it's an incredible show.
  10. It started off slowly but I'm really liking the direction that season 5 has been going for the last few episodes. Ken's sci-fi piece about Pete gave me chills. That bottle that plays classical music during Roger's LSD trip had me cracking up. And Megan's parents were rich and colorful additions to the cast.
  11. Just started watching it yesterday night, holy crap, what a fucking show. Definitely one of the more better written shows along with Dexter and Game of Thrones.

  12. very little substance? elaborate please
  13. character driven shows < plot driven shows

    Mad Men is one of the most overrated shows of the last 10 years.
  14. um, isn't Breaking Bad a character driven show?

    also, this is unrelated but I'm a little disappointed that AMC throws all their money at Mad Men, I mean... I'd rather have BB have 2-hour season premieres and finales and a monster budget. eh I'm just biased. :p
  15. Theres nothing inherently bad about a character focused show. All shows have character and plot driven stories leaning towards one side or the other. Breaking Bad balances plot and character development fuckin masterfully, sets the bar for the evolution of a character in tv shows.

    I just cant get into any of the characters on Mad Men and since that show is pretty much 100% character driven its just not enjoyable to watch. I watched deep into the second season so I gave it a fair shot. The shows obviously got a massive budget and good production it just doesnt do it for me.
  16. Shit BB already gets the critical praise...Cranston will most likely get another Emmy this year too.
  17. This is a good show. At times its a bit pretentious but it works for what it is.

  18. This is precisely how I feel about the series.. I want to get into, just can't.
  19. Got rid of cable just last week, all I cared about was seeing the finale of THE WALKING DEAD. I can wait for it to come on dvd, it is one favorite shows.
  20. you know there use to be a walking dead would make sense to post their as versus the mad men thread.


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