Mad free dutches

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nosketch78, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. so in my town theres a waldbaums and a movie theater in a plaza with a chinese food place and a subway which is pretty much a local congregation for stoners. Behind the plaza is abou three miles of woods. So words going around that waldbaums dumped literally THOUSANDS of dutchmasters into the woods. Some people are even saying that as soon as you go into the woods all you can see is the forest floor fucking covered in dutch boxes.
  2. what's waldbaums? did you go get some dutcheeees?

    you should really make a birdhouse out of them.
  3. Well, OP, there is only one way to find out. Excavate the forest for dutchmasters.
  4. Thats pretty dope maan enjoy yourself I've never smoked a dutch only swishers and wraps
  5. Dutches are the tops for blunt smoking. Whenever I make my rounds to BK I keep my change for them
  6. fuckin a, heres what you should do

    1.go down there
    2. take picture
    3.grab as many as you can hold.
    4.grab some more
    5. go home, sell some boxes.
    6.use money to ship me a box :)
  7. wtf are you doing posting this? GO GO!!! RUN and get as many as you can, bring a book bag, hell bring 3 book bags..
  8. ^^Bring a truck.

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