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Discussion in 'General' started by Kimborasta, Mar 17, 2004.


mellow, toasted, blazed or just simply K.Oed?

  1. mellow

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  2. toasted

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  3. blazed

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  4. K.Oed

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  1. I was high as shit lastnight. When i was walking through this long straight path, it seemed like i was stationary, just walking on a massive tredmill with scenaries on the side of me. This was followed by a feeling of heavy adrenaline rush and i was impressed.

    My other experience is when iam looking at nothing. The vision shakes and your eye feels funny. its almost like a gentle silent earthquake.

    If anyone else shares this experiences with me
  2. Uhhhh...word?
  3. sorry for being stoned out my face

  4. i know wat ya mean dude
  5. lol yeah, most of us feel like that stoned.

    depends on how u perceive it tho.
    stash_up explains it the same as u all the time.

    i just let it be lol :p

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