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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Local Boy, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hello All :

    Just recently my mum of 86 years of age informed me that she was ready to talk to a physician about how MM could possibly help her in controlling her blood pressure . I was overwhelmed that she finally realized why it is ( MM ) used so widely in health issues . She's got a congestive heart condition too as well .

    Myself , I have degenerate disc disease ( ouch ) and MM stops my spinal chord from swelling . It's a great relief and she has seen that my health has not been negatively impacted from many years of smoking it since I was in several (7 ) car accidents ( always a passenger mind you :) and had several operations on my knee and an abdominal hernia operation from the accident(s) .

    My sister is in chemo for breast cancer and she's going to see a Dr. to see if she qualifies too here in California .


    My uncle Jim has macular degeneration and I wonder if that is also something that MM may be capable of aiding him in this condition before he goes completely blind .

    I hope he can be helped he is one of my heroes :hello: I really want to help him if I can . Anyone who has any input please do .

    References to Dr.'s reports to support the use for macular degeneration are really needed here in this case because my uncle is a retired Dr. of Optometry . He will want something concrete in writing as he is an Old Timer who trust the Gov't to a fault . He isd 90 years old .

    Due to the age of these two people I want to be as sure as one can be before they try this as a treatment for their respective ailments . I know that in my mum's case there is no chance of a adverse reaction , I want to be sure of that in my uncle's case .

    Sincerely :
    Local Boy
  2. I have Macular D, started showing up when i was in my early S. Now into my S and getting ready to apply for disability. Have read all i can about this subject and find that MJ has about the same if not more of a chance of delaying the progression of this affliction of elderly people than any thing on the market that includes the shots they are giving. The shots are for the wet kind only. My left eye has the wet but I have already lost sight in that eye now I'm showing signs of it in my right but was diagnosed with dry. So I cant take the shots. While I was waiting for the Dr to confirm the news I talked to several people waiting to get the shots, my conclusion from these conversations and reading every thing i could Ive decided MJ is the best way to go.
  3. Thanks man I have watched and waited on this thread a lot .

    Local Boy

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