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  1. Well, this is my first outdoor grow. (and my first post ;)) I started with 15 seeds from 2 bags of VG stuff, 9 germed, 2 lost to squirrels, ended up with 3 girls. I harvested the first one 10-1-07, but i think it was too early, I just found this site and am looking for advice on harvesting my last 2 babies. I'm in the Northeast and it has been very rainy and starting to get cold. I had to take a large bud off because I found a spot of maybe bud rot on it. Anyway I was looking for advice on the last 2, here are some pics of the buds and macros of the trichs what do you think, should I harvest before more rot sets in or wait it out until more mature? Thanks in advance for any advice:D:hello::D

    PS... growing in improvised greenhouse so no direct rain but rather humid, decent ventilation but not great, average temp in GH is about 2-3 degrees higher then outside, expecting frost soon (high elevation) actually had first frost almost a month ago but they seemed to fair pretty well.


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  2. id say you should wait another week or so, wait till the hairs turn mostly amber. im not an experienced grower but what ive read on this site seems to say wait a little while longer.
  3. Retract first post cause im stupid.

    If you think it could be detremental to the plant having it stay out longer during crappy conditions, i would say pull it.. Dont loose ur harvest in the last week or two :p
    This is your call, play it by thumb!

    Good Luck and happy pickins
  4. wait, wait, wait, i am right with you bro. wait till those girl look like they are dying a bit. don't worry about the first frost, just keep your eye on them. that spot, is probably just a bug in the bud, do you see the mold fibers or just dead bud?
  5. Looks so close to being ready..If its humid and damp if it was me I'd harvest now Humid damp weather is the perfect growing conditons for bud rot to start.Don't chance it.
  6. Thanks all for the input,
    The spot on the bud was about one cubic centimeter of dead bud which i cut out and the rest of the bud looks fine and is now drying. Not really sure if it was rot or not, nothing that actually looked like mold, but I've not seen bud rot up close before so not really sure. Right now I think I'll leave em out a bit longer and if I see any more signs of mold or rot then I'll pull them right away.

    Based on the pictures of the trichs can anybody give me a rough idea of how much longer would be ideal for harvest? I might be able to get a closer pic (I'll try tomorrow) if this would be helpful.

  7. i find that once the trichs start to turn cloudy (as yours have) you have roughly 5-7 days till peak harvest. But you may like the more clear headed high, and if this is the case id say let them go a couple days. Possibly flush them out real good with some molasses to get some extra smell and taste. Hope this helps:smoke:
  8. Just thought I'd post some more pics...:)

    The weather is finally clearing, supposed to be partly sunny for the next few days
    :hello: ... finally ... it has rained non-stop for the last 3 days
    but at least no more signs of mold/rot noted recently

    Decided I'm gonna pick the smaller plant on the right on Monday, and wait as long as I can for the larger plant on the left... waiting is SOOOO hard :(


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