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    Well to start off I have a Pentax Optio E40. It has several modes and one includes flowers. I see the different settings and I see that one of the available ones are "Macro". So I didint have any buds on me so I decided to take some pictures of coins but for some reason it looked horrible infact, it looks horrible at any distance. Is it because my camra is just simply bad quality or do I have to upload them to my computer for them to look better.

    Just some side notes:
    - 6.2 mm- 18.6 mm zoom
    - Pentax lens 3x optical zoom
    - 8.1 megapixles
    - the macro setting is already installed in my camera so no big ass lense it sticking out

    I got this as a christmas present so I have no clue how much it costs. (If I did end up asking, it would just be rude and impolite.)


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    Check the manual for appropriate macro focal distances.

    Do you have good lighting? A tripod helps, too.

    Don't use the on-camera flash, as it isn't meant for close up work like that.

    That's 15 cm. It's too bad that it doesn't get closer. Some cameras can focus down to 1 cm.

    It does appear to have a manual focus feature. You might be able to force the camera to focus closer to the lens although it states the same minimum.

    You might be able to fit a loupe over the lens and get great macro shots that way.
  3. Without seeing the photos, it could be anything. Most likely there's not enough light, but again it's impossible to say without seeing the problem.
  4. Well I turned off the flash and took a really bright study lamp and then just zoomed in completely and got a focus lock. I ended taking pictures of a battery (first thing I found) and easily see the small font writing " Battery may explode....". Thanks

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