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    Okay I thought we would have some fun with this one. Name your "MacGyver" influence BackYard Security ideas. You can be as creative as you like. No pungy sticks and boobie traps. Just things that will scare rippers off or wake a person sleeping in tents up.

    Before you say go buy this and go buy that I will say no money to even buy a candy bar.

    So I am thinking of ideas to make a normal digital camera into a Game like camera MacGyver style.

    MacGyver style upgrades to motion sensors.

    Any noise making trip wires above large dog level. Like rocks in tin cans. (C'mon you can think of somthing)

    You have a shop full of trinkets and tools to work with. Pretty much any basic stuff you already have. You just need to stop the rippers. And yes you want to go overkill. Your 20lbs of hard earned smoke is at risk. You just found out that all the teenage kids in your whole area no know about your grow.

    You have to keep them out at all cost. You have Asians,mexicans,gypsys,white and black punks looking over your fence. Your plants are guarded 24/7 but you have to sleep 8 hours in your tent right next to your plants. But you are a hard sleeper. The last time you heard something is was car full of greasy tweakers speeding off.

    So what do you do? MacGyver style that is.


  2. Just string up a lot of sleigh bells so you're awoken to vistors. Sleep during the day if you have to but have someone there to Mind the Pot while you do.
    Necessity is the mother of invention,I've seen your photos. You're almost done anyhow,so you'll be good.
  3. Wire motion sensors to a bright light inside your tent. Aim it at your face. Might get woken up for no reason alot. *shrug* maybe rig a doorbell to a motion sensor? I have also seen security dialers that call pre programmed numbers when certain sensors are triggered.

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