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MacGyver Hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EuphoricApathy, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. I just used
    -a wrapper from an Orange Tootsie Pop
    -some paper
    -and a flat iron(Hair straightener)
    to make some hash.

    What are some other cheap effective ways to make hash?
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    kief in a jar + rubbing alcohol. shake, strain it, and dry. doesnt get simpler than that
  3. a woman's silk scarf  playing card weed (only plant matter no stems seed etc it rip the silk  )
    box rubber band wrap scarf around a box wrap the rubber band  notebook paper tin folder 
    take the playing card rubbing the weed on the silk by knocking the kief in the box to it's done
    wrap the kief  in the paper then wet it then wrap tin folder bake in a oven for 400 for a 30 minutes  to it is nice and black
    like afghan black hash  
  4. macgyver hash gonna give you macgyver quality. 
  5. haha

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