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  1. Hey, so I was just wondering what some of you think of the Macbook? From what I've heard is mixed reviews. One crowd says its the best laptop/netbook(not too slick with comps now-a-days) out there and should be bought without hesitation and others who say otherwise. I did some research and it seems fairly ok, quite fucking pricey as there's a budget of atleast 800 going on here so I'm not too sure what can be fetched. So I wanted to ask you folks what would be an ideal laptop and if a Macbook should be the way to go?

    It's uses will be for Somewhat casual and then for college purposes.
  2. i have a macbook pro and i love it. I am more of a PC person, but with laptops... i like the convenience of my mac
  3. Your paying a shitload of money for what's basically a fisher price laptop witha pretty white finish. Get a real laptop.
  4. Any suggestions? Anything under 800? It's not exactly for me, but I'm trying to find the best solution otherwise.
  5. Havn't bought a laptop in a while but I've had some good deals from acer in the past. Does it have to be a laptop or will a desktop suffice? You'll get a lot more for your money.
  6. It has to be a laptop as it will serve as a home comp and one for college during the school year so it will be going back and fourth between the two.

  7. Not everyone likes dealing with the problems that PC's can bring... Simplicity is bliss
  8. Hence the phrase "fisher price".
  9. How do you figure "fisher price"? I mean they use the same kinds of parts as other laptops right?

    And the macbook finish is light years ahead of anything I've seen from a "Windows PC" You get what you pay for. Never had anything go wrong with my MAC. Never a blue screen, connected but not charging/running on AC power, not to mention other stupid shit.

    I build my desktops and with that I always use a version of Linux or Windows 7 or dual boot it.
  10. Fisher price because you pay for a lower functionality (and an easier interface) at a FAR higher price. It was another way of saying 'idiot proof' computer. The parts are the same yes, but the operating system is VERY different.
  11. Ya, I understand what you mean now... But, not everyone buys a MAC for simplicity either. There are benefits to it, like battery life (9 hours on my Pro without wifi) and around 6-7 hours just browsing the internet.

    But I will agree they may not be worth what you pay for them, but it my opinion they are built much better then there Dell or other PC counterparts.
  12. Well considering the Mac is pricey, what would be a more better solution that's affordable and reliable?
  13. I personally recommend HP... What are you primarily using your computer for?

    Other then casual and college use
  14. It's not me, but my best friend. She will be using it as a home computer, then during the week it will be at school with her. But she will not be doing anything specific i.e: video/photo editing. Basically conducting essays and notes, etc...
  15. I have a macbook, and the only use I have for this is the internet, and I can get that on my phone.

    You get more performance for the price if you go for a regular computer
  16. The cheapest mac is like 1100 dollars.
  17. I bought a macbook pro 15" back in mid 2010 and I use it all the time and love it. I have my own custom built gaming computer but I use this for everything else.
  18. She should get a chromebook
  19. Well I just fixed my mom's first generation mac book pro, which is 6+ years old, the hard drive died. I mean that isn't too bad. I had a gateway laptop, which I used a lot, and it died sooner then 6 years. Of course the simple features like the power on a mac, prevent short circuiting; if you plug in a pc laptop power connector to a laptop, then plug it into a wall, it shorts the electrical connection over time. I'm pretty sure the mac power supply prevents this, but just incase you didn't know that and own a pc, you might want to never do that; you literally can see the electrical shock jumping into the computer, and eventually you have to re solder it; but then soon after that point the motherboard dies.

    Still, I beat the living crap out of that gateway and it lasted 5 years. But still, the fact my mom's 7 year old macbook still looks brand new, with no damage to the outside and unless I'm missing something, the motherboard is good for another 5+ years: man screw PC's. If you hate Mac software, run linux on the mac. PC hardware at least for laptops sucks compared to Macs.

    Sure it's cheaper, but you can buy a mac laptop used for cheap, and it's actually worth the value, vs a pc one. Still if you buy a PC laptop, you can get scores on people that are freaks and buy the new model 247. On the flip side, people that buy pc laptops and sell then after 3 years are pretty smart, since that is the best opportunity to get the max profit from the resale and upgrade.

    One piece of advice for PC laptops or any computer that is more then 5 years old; unless it's just the hard drive and you can fix that yourself, just buy a new computer. It's cheaper then paying someone to fix it.

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