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Macadelic Mac Miller mixtape

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Potencies, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. #1 Potencies, Mar 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2012
    Suy guys, i'm baked as fuck and listening to macadelic mixtape:D

    Wondered if anyone else has heard or is listening to macadelic?:smoke:


    And by the way, I already posted this in Music Hall but nobody saw it.

    EDIT:This is my favourite song so far give this a chance, its sick :yay:
  2. That site was really slow for me... I downloaded it here. Mac Miller – Macadelic (Official Mixtape)

    Btw.. completely dank mixtape. Really pleased with this one. Not like the disappointment that was Taylor Allderdice...
  3. #3 Potencies, Mar 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 24, 2012
    I must say young sir, i disagree with the latter my fine fellow.


    Taylor Allerdice is a great mixtape, so is Macadelic. I know what I'll be listening to for a while:p
  4. Mac Miller is a boss, but I wont be buying or downloading this. I'm a cheap asshole and will get it off youtube lol.

  5. Dude, this is free. Come on lol :yay:
  6. at first was like Wtf this isn't that good. But then I listened fully to majority of songs really diggin' this mixtape

    Desparado, Loud, thoughts from a balcony, lucky ass bitch, ignorant, the question are my favorites so far
  7. sick mixtape im actually very surprised. i like it way better than blue slide park and even more than taylor allderdice. im fuckin downloading this shit right the fuck now

  8. It's so good:smoke:

  9. it is. multiple tracks i can just listen to on repeat. smoking to this when i pick up tomorrow for sure
  10. Damn. This shit is DOPE! glad to know theres other Mac Miller fans on here.:smoke:
  11. Listening to this shit right now lol.
  12. wake and bake to this right nowwwwww
  13. Mac Miller sucks. If he wasn't white all you'd hear about is how he's just the same ol' generic rapper who can't talk about anything other than smoking weed. I love rap, especially rap about weed, but man that shit gets so old fast when that's all anyone wants to rap about these days.

    P.S. Don't tell me to listen to your shitty underground rapper and say "listen to this bro, it's a new sound and he's so real." Bullshit, no he's not, you just like him because nobody else knows about him.

  14. He doesn't rap about weed like that.. Not sure if your thinking about wiz or some shit.. but yeah.

  15. No I know exactly who I'm talking about, and it's Mac Miller.
  16. mac miller is not underground lol... everyone i know knows who he is and his music. i like his music for his music, not because i want to feel cool knowing about some rapper noone knows about.. if u dont like it well oh well, everyones entitled to their own opinion.
  17. "Or I'mma hijack an airplane and fly it into your house, Burn your apartment with your family tied to the couch, and slit ya' throat so when you scream only blood comes out."

    Immortal Technique. :hello:
  18. Gotta admit, I don't really fancy Mac Miller
  19. I'm sorry i know i sound like a hater but mac miller is a hipster douche bag wanna be white wiz khalifa who uses other art to make an image for himself, he used KIDS and fucking tried to make some image of himself,

    he starts tweeting shit about the beatles and now suddenly he said his new album is gonna be like "the white album"

    and he started talking about how much he liked requiem for a dream and used it in his music.

    I'm sorry but he's so unoriginal, he just finds something he likes like a movie or album and just fucking steals their ideas and themes, its bullshit.

    kid cudi did the same, he started listening to nirvana one day and now suddenly he's talking about how he's the next kurt cobain, wiz did the same with like jimi hendrix.

    these guys are just unoriginal hipsters who copy every music they like and tell their producers to make similar sounds to it.

    i mean come on MAC miller uses other people's ideas to give people an idea of him, sorry but he has fans more because of his tweets than his music,
    sorry had to rant

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