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  1. Which do you prefer? Post and explain why.
  2. Having never used a Mac, I prefer a PC.

    Why? Because it's all I've ever used and I've never had a reason to switch.
  3. Both are better for different things.

    Tie over here.
  4. I would build my own computers, but I use Windows OS so I guess PC:smoke:
  5. the hardware is essentially the same. but you pay twice as much for a mac as you do a comparable pc because macs are trendy and use a different operating system, and also because they are all white.

    so, pc
  6. your probably gonna get 100 people who say macs for graphic design and for editing programs and shit, which is just stupid because there are 1000s of programs for all that kinda shit on PC, so i gotta go with the latter. :smoke:
  7. I preffer mac... mostly because i use final cut pro alot, and that's only available for mac. Also they are so much more organized, and no viruses ftw! You can get a used 20" mac or a macbook for under 800 on ebay.

  8. How is it any more organized, and I have no viruses and I use PC.
  9. The way macs store and arange files is very convenient and organized, i can't really explain further, this is something you would understand if you used a mac, any other mac users on this site can vouch for this.
  10. thats most likely because you dont look at oogles of porn. and they are more organized cuz ppl dont have as much shit on them. but the only reason macs dont have viruses is because the majority of ppl in the world use windows and only a small % of ppl use macs and ppl that make viruses want to hurt the most amount of ppl at once. and pc's rule and macs suck bill gates dick. imo
  11. ive been using macs since 2005. for me, theyve been great. easier to use, less crashes/viruses, easier on the eyes... when i had windows, every few months i would have to format my fucking hard drive. windows is great for nerds and shit who want to spend awhile fiddling with their computer. i am an artist, a photographer, painter...i would rather my computer just do what it is supposed to right away and windows never did that for me. back when i got my first macbook pro, it cost $3500!!! i think that price was very unreasonable, but the place i worked for got it for me. the prices now i believe are fair.
  12. Quite possibly the stupidest reason to pick a mac over a pc :hello:

    Uh, windows is probably one of the most dumbed down OS's available, besides any big nerds would probably be using Linux.

    Wait what? Sounds to me like you need to get computer savvy my friend, i never have problems.
  13. PC all day, I build my own pc's and thats always cheaper and better because i choose what I WANT and for OS's i use Windows/Linux Dual Boot and I have not had a virus or anything like that in over 4 years :hello: As long as your not retarded and download stupid shit your fine
  14. PC for the win! I dual boot win xp black edition and suse (linux). I've never had a virus before, I take good care of my computer.
  15. Windows 7 works like a charm no errors at all runs SUPER fast.

    But i gotta say when google comes out with their operating system it is gonna blow both Apple and Windows out of the water.
  16. well i am the proud owner of a macbook pro, i switched over from pc recenlt, and i love my mac, much more than any pc ive had.

    first lets start with the construction. the macbooks are made from once piece of aluminum. i love this because there are no loose parts, no crappy plastic sounds. this gives it a quality feel, and believe me, it is quality.

    I have the 2.5 ghz processor 320GB hd, and the standard video processor.

    i can say that ive had this computer for about 5 months and i have yet to have a problem with it. ive never had it crash on me, and it is far more convenient than any pc.

    the one piece trackpad is extremely useful and convenient, the multi-touch settings are also very useful. my keys have never popped out, plus they automatically illuminate with the light. all applications work seemelssly with its picture organizer (iPhoto)

    i can even set it up using motionflow, which comes with it, runs certain things on my computer upon start up. for example, it will open my itunes, play a song of my preselected choosing, set the volume to my preference, open safari on any page i want, start limewire and etc.

    this computer is truly a conviently well built machine which is good for the everyday consumer,who doesnt want to change its settings and tweak the OS.

    ive had a dell inspiron, and a sony vaio bz series,

    my inspiron fell apart over the years through just standard use. the joint at the bottom of the screen broke so it wouldnt stay up if i tilted it, and it would continually crash. i understand u can download programs like the aforementioned motion flow. but you risk getting a virus with everything you do that involves the internet.

    i have absolutely no worries.
  17. sounds kinda like startup in msconfig which does virtually the same thing :smoke:
  18. Having owned both pc and a MacBook pro, I can safely say that mac can suck my fuckn balls. It's fine for graphics and people who don't know much about computers. Macs may not get viruses but if they fuck up, your only choice is to throw it away and buy a new one. Same with upgrades. Pcs are best for actual computing and gaming. It may be less stable but that's because you can actually play with it unlke macs which lock you out of everything.

    It's like comparing a tricycle to a motorcycle.
  19. You either never owned a mac or i pitty you. Because you can send your mac in to apple for basically any problem imaginable and they will send you back a brand new computer. They wont even fix it, they will just give u a new one.

    on another note, on a mac computer, because of bootcamp I can do anything that a windows pc can, so the playing games thing is not a valid argument.

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