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Discussion in 'General' started by PinkPrincess, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. You know the white box that is part of the charger?
    i have my charger running across my floor up to my bed and i burnt the fuck out of my foot when i accidentally moved it on top of the charger...
    it gets SO hot this shit should be illegal :(

    not to mention i just got my mac back today from apple because the casing cracked... ugh

    i love macs but these downsides are getting to me tonight:mad:
  2. Yea the power adapter to my Asus laptop gets really hot as well. But i like the bash on mac! +rep
  3. yeah, that thing gets pretty hot. sometimes if it's sitting next to me i just feel a burning in my side and i start to wonder what the hell it is, until i look down and it's the damn power adapter.

    it sucks, but i dont care. my mbp is still legitttttt.
  4. Yeah, I have mine hidden behind my desk so it doesn't get in the way but MacBook Pros still get mad hot, especially on the bottom, and sometimes the speaker vents, especially by the power adapter.

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