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Discussion in 'General' started by BuddhistBrian, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I'm going to a Mac Miller concert on Tuesday of next week. I would like to know if anyone has been to one of his concerts. I would also like to know if I can smoke at the concert. It is outside and it's general admission so I doubt I will be searched.

    All comments are appreciated :bongin:
  2. You do know Mac miller is more of a pussy/shitty rapper than lil Wayne right?
  3. Woah.

    That's not possible. Pee Wee Herman is harder than Lil Gayne
  4. Whether or not your gonna be able to smoke sorta depends on the place. If its outside you shouldn't have any problems as long as your not being stupid about it, hitting pipes and shit. Just bring some well rolled joints and people will only see a cigarette.
  5. I like him so I honestly could careless about your opinion on him man.
  6. He does not sing at concerts he litterally screams into the mic and thinks it pumps people up.

    Example: [ame=]Mac Miller Live at Orange Peel - Asheville, NC - YouTube[/ame]

    I was going to go but to many people say they like Mac Miller to seem cool now.
  7. I'm not that upset, I'll be stoned too notice hahaah. Anyway, at $25 a ticket, it's not so bad!
  8. Damn Mac Miller and Wiz making my home city look like shit.
    Meh, Have fun though.
  9. It's outside...of course you can blaze, b
  10. It's outside...of course you can blaze, better put on dem nikes
  11. I just saw lupe last night, My friend snuck in a couple js and we were in a gym. As long as you can get them in, I say smoke. Everything is more fun high !!!
  12. I saw him like a year ago on his k.i.d.s. tour and everyone was openly smoking, he was even hitting off peoples j's and shit on the stage. I think it really just depends on the venue, they are all different and have different levels of security. He also wasn't very popular yet and it was at a really small place with only like 100 people.
    Well either way you are guaranteed to have an awesome fucking time!
  13. Lmao! What are you a 14 year old girl??
  14. ***UPDATE***

    I was there last night and I brought my trusty bowl with an eighth of some nice danky.

    I was just hitting the bowl in front of everyone! Most people were smoking joints around and it was chill. Mac even recognized that everyone was smoking and joked about it haha.

    He's a pretty good entertainer and I paid $25 for my ticket, that's the price for everyone, I had no hook ups. If you can get a ticket under 50 bucks then I would say just fucking go. It's a great environment, decent music, fucked up people everywhere, and chill security people. The people were so fucking chill there, I met some older guy and we matched a few bowls.
  15. would much rather see eminem
  16. Why does everyone always bash on the artist in these kind of threads?

    We alllllll have different taste.
  17. I can't believe someone said he was worse than little wayne.

    [ame=]Mac Miller - On Some Real Shit (100,000 Bars) - YouTube[/ame]

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