mac miller concert and police encounter

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  1. First of all I just want to say I'm new to having an account on gc, I had one before I'm pretty sure but couldn't recover it.

    Today in Boston Mac Miller had a free concert and probably 25,000 people or more went to it, and it was pretty nuts. There was a lot of public smoking which was actually surprising to me. Anyways, I had a quarter of weed between me and three friends, and we were rolling a few (5) blunts at this area we thought was safe, and I had the bag with the rest of the weed in it. After we rolled a few blunts we went to go smoke them at the same spot, and about halfway through the first blunt a cop walks up to us on foot and calls over another group of smokers as well. He goes up to me first and tells me to stand up, and rips the bag out of my pocket. He then makes everyone else empty their pockets. He said "I'm not going to lock you up, but you're not getting this back". I watched in pain as he crushed 3 of our blunts, lol. Anyways I was pissed because I got a decent amount of weed taken away, but I was also glad I didn't get a fine for having the bud on me. Also, my closest friend somehow managed to keep the fattest blunt we rolled and me and him faced it afterwards :smoke: I was still pissed though, I went to the concert which sucked tbh and then burned two more blunts with my other friend so it was not too bad I guess, I'm high now.
  2. id be pissed too. why wasnt they concert good? and at least u got high
  3. Well I couldn't see the stage and no one knew exactly when mac was gonna go on, so the waiting kinda sucked. But yeah I'm glad I got high lol and not fined.
  4. saw him at the troubadour. we were blazing eigth joints ahaha!
  5. moral of the story: refrain from attending mac miller concerts
  6. should've save your money for a Phish show
  7. Any sources for free shows going down in Boston this summer? Heading there this Wednesday probably.. Or another day this week if there's something solid going down
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    Finish your story
  9. I love Mac miller, people say I look like him.

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