Mac and Devin Go to High School

Discussion in 'Movies' started by BongBeforeBeer, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. is this movie ever coming out or what!?!
  2. early 2012 only thing I've been able to gather.....
  3. those fuckers probably forgot about it.
  4. may or june i believe.
  5. Snoop probably rolled it up and smoked it.
  6. I stopped anticipating it a long time ago and it's probably gonna be bad too
  7. It comes out on 420

  8. Nice, I figured...
  9. haha i'm sure i will laugh at it. Devin is a pretty funny guy.
  10. Haha. Imma see it since his youtube videos are pretty funny. I just hope the story line isn't too corny

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